Hello. If you visit often enough (Or ever) you may notice most of the links lead to my new page which will be up and running shortly. This page will still run as will the other one... If any of the links are broken- I'm sure you can use the -back- button on your browser.. Thank you for your patience! I'm also on ICQ.... (My number being 59496484) You can e-mail me @ lum_3@yahoo.com That is all.

I USED to have a guestbook but thanks to tripod (Don'T GET A PAGE HERE!) It was deleted... So i said screw it...
Wanna chat?
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This is my friends page. It's hilarious!
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The Growing YKYWTMSMW (You know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When..)
A Sailor Moon Quiz! See how much you really know about this anime.
The Ranma Quiz!: Do you really have what it takes to fall into a ancient spring?
It's the Sailor Moon: Sailor scouts know it all pages. The name should give it all away, if not these pages have info on Sailor Moon and friends including b-days pictures and more!

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