Life is Cheap.. Battlemechs aren't

Inner Sphere 3058

Mim's Battletech Pages

Welcome one and all to my Battletech pages. For those of you who don't know, Battletech is a game of Armored combat in the 31st century. It has many versions too it.. The original board game, The Roleplaying game, and many computer games. Mechwarrior 1-3 and mech commander are a few of those. *S*

Welcome to the year 3060.The succesor states of the inner sphere battle one another and thier deadliest enemies, the Invading Clans, in endless wars that streach across the known universe. The epic battles are won and lost by battlemechs, 30 meter tall, humanoid titans of metal that pack enough firepower to destroy entire cities.

Do you think you have what it takes whelp? Strap into your battlemech, We'll see what kind of mechwarrior you really are.

A Cockpit view

Mim's Battletech Links

The Knights of the Star League: Mim's Favorite Battletech unit
The Regulators Mercenary Brigade : Mim's Current Battletech Unit
The Battletech Space Port:
The Dropship:
Slayer's battletech Page:

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