Last updated: July 11 and not to worry...1999! Not '98! Not '97! Not '96! 1999! And, I am still working on the fics, but it's SO hard to stay inside! I feel like leaping across the parks, jumping with my skates, swimming for all hairs everywhere! But, yes! I am still ALIVE!! And I'm going to make an archieve for some fics that I read and liked. Also, send in Filia, Amelia, and Martina fics! I love dark and funny ones! And they HAVE to be in Lina/Gourry, Amelia/Zelgadis, Filia/Xellos. I just can't stand any Lina/Zeldagis, Lina/Xellos, Amelia/Gourry, Amelia/Xellos (though that one's an odd ball...I just can't hate that because it's so weird!), Amelia/Valgarv(people must be out of their minds to make this couple! j/k), Amelia/Rezo(I can't understand this one either...what has happened to you people!?! :D), Filia/Zelgadis(this is the weirdest pairings I've ever seen!), ect. Send in the fics, songfics(these will be ESPECIALLY praised by me), poems(oh, I DO love poems!), and fanart!!

Here's one of my e-friend's site! I'm gonna make a site for links, soon, I hope!Lina Inverse's and Princess Andromedia's Slayers Page

Princass Amilia, at yer servace
Early Years
AmElIa'S dIaRy: A pRiNcEsS iS BoRn

AmElIa'S dIaRy: JuStIcE? wHo BeLiEvEs In ThAt?
AmElIa'S dIaRy: LoVe HiM? nO, nO, nO. lOvE fOoD! (i'm so proud! i got a title!)(Princess Andromedia, aka PA, has written this delicious, scrumticious, gorgeous, fab-ahh! i mean, great fanfic.

have been fireballed for snatching Lina's food!

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