Rutherford County

Rutherford County (particularly Forest City) is home to me. I am a resident of Guilford County, but when I look back, I always look to home...Forest City. I spent about 24 of my 34 years in that area and, now that I am studying and learning history, it is time that I give something back. I am going to try to capture bits and pieces of Rutherford County history (and surrounding history that adds to the flavor). I believe that this will be a long term adventure for me, rediscovering the place that I call home.

I am sure that I will have help from my avid geneaologist still living in Forest City (or maybe I should call him a cemetary reader?). His page on the WWW documents all of the former residents that are no longer with us. He regularly helps people to find long lost relatives. A connection to his page is shown below. However, he agreed to assist me with this page, in developing interesting things that pertain to Rutherford County, so welcome aboard Pop!

Here are some connections to pages that I have with all good Web Pages, this are constantly under construction, so please come back and visit some more.

  1. Historical Markers of Rutherford County...these are signposts from all over Rutherford County. As time proceeds, I plan to have all of the historical markers shown here.

  2. Places of Rutherford County (old and new)...eventually, many of the "important" buildings and places of Rutherford County will be shown here.

Cemeteries of Rutherford County

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