Rutherford County

The list below contains links to pictures of the historical markers in Rutherford County.

  1. The Bechtler Mint 1...before moving to Rutherfordton. Established in 1831, later moved to the site shown on the next link. Closed in 1849, located near the old Bechtler Mine off Highway 221, north of Rutherfordton.

  2. The Bechtler Mint in Rutherfordton of the Bechtler Mint.

  3. Gilbertown (Courthouse)...unofficially the site of the first courthouse in Rutherford County.

  4. The First Courthouse...official site of the first courthouse. The courthouse existed from 1781 until 1785. Located in the forks of Shepherd's Creek on lands of James Holland at Gilbert Town.

  5. Ferguson's Ridge...the only site where Major Patrick Ferguson's British troops camped in September 1780. The Over-the Mountain Men camped at the same location in October 1780.

I am attempting to clean some of the pictures up so that they are more legible.

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