DeForest Kelley Celebrates 50 Years in Film

Congratulations to DeForest Kelley for 50 wonderful
years of acting in film. This month marks a 50 year anniversary of De's acting in films. De's first film was "Fear in the Night" which debuted on February 11, 1947. "Fear in the Night" was shot at Paramount.
Producers: William Pine and William Thomas
Associate Producer : L.B. Merman
Directed and written for the screen by: Maxwell Shane
Photographer: Jack Greenhaigh
Art Direction: F.Paul Sylos
Edited by: Howard Smith

Cast: Paul Kelly, Kay Scott, DeForest Kelley, Ane Doren, Robert Emmett Keane, Jeff Yorke, Charles Victor. Running time: 71 minutes

This was one of De's breaks. The movie was an adaptation of William Irish's original novel called "Nightmare." A review in the Hollywood Reporter reflected that the director, Shane, had "an unpracticed lad for his hero, newcomer DeForest Kelley. You will be hearing more from this fellow." An additional review in the Exhibitor stated "Kelley, in his first lead, makes a good impression, while the pace is well held generally." DeForest Kelley followed up "FEAR IN THE NIGHT" with portrayals in 31 additional motion pictures and in more than two hundred television episodes. Over the years, DeForest has received many favorable reviews for his wonderful work. Following is a comprehensive list of the motion pictures in which he has appeared to date:

DeForest Kelley's Movie Career

Time to Kill (Navy Training Film)(1945) Variety Girl (Jul. 16, 1947) .... Bob Kirby Beyond Our Own (a religious film) (1947) Canon City (1948) .... Smalley Duke of Chicago (1949) .... Ace Martin Men, The (1950) ...... Intern ... aka Battle Stripe (1950) Taxi (Jan. 13, 1953) ..... Fred House of Fear (English title for House of Bamboo)(1955)..Charlie House of Bamboo (Jul. 1, 1955) ....... Charlie View from Pompey's Head, The (Oct. 21, 1955) .... Jim, a Hotel Clerk Illegal (Aug. 20, 1955) .... Ed Clary Tension at Table Rock (Oct. 3, 1956) .... Jim Breck Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) .... Medic Raintree County (Oct. 9, 1957) ..... Southern Officer Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (May 15, 1957) .... Morgan Earp Law and Jake Wade, The (Jun. 4, 1958) .... Wexler Warlock (Apr. 1, 1959) .... Curley Burne Two Faces West (1961) ..... a heavy Where Love Has Gone (Oct. 14, 1964) .... Sam Corwin Gunfight at Comanche Creek (Mar. 4, 1964) ...... Amos Troop Town Tamer (Jul. 19, 1965) .... Guy Tavenner Marriage on the Rocks (Sept. 14, 1965) .... Mr. Turner Black Spurs (Apr. 30, 1965) .... First Sheriff Waco (Aug. 5, 1966) ..... Bill Rile Apache Uprising (Jan. 12, 1966) .... Toby Jack Saunders Night of the Lepus (Jun. 29, 1972) .... Elgin Clark Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Dec. 7, 1979) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Jun. 4, 1982) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Jun. 6, 1984) .... Doctor Leonard McCoy Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Nov.26, 1986) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy

"Of his many portrayals in motion pictures, De has mentioned three as being his favorites. They are: "WARLOCK", "APACHE UPRISING" and of course, "FEAR IN THE NIGHT", his first starring role (as well as his debut on the silver screen). "FEAR IN THE NIGHT" first cemented his reputation internationally, as well as sealing his happy fate: a long and successful future in motion pictures and television."

De's favorite Star Trek Movie is "THE VOYAGE HOME".

Congratulations DeForest, on 50 wonderful years in film. You have thrilled us, moved us to tears, made us laugh and above all, entertained us. We hope you will continue to act in upcoming films. You are a wonderful and very talented actor.

A Special Thanks to Kris Smith and Carrie Larson!
COPYRIGHT 1997 By Mary Jensen

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