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Click me to hear McCoy say he's "Just An Old Country Doctor!"

This page is dedicated to Jackson DeForest Kelley, affectionately known as "DE"
by friends and fans alike. DeForest Kelley is an actor best known for his role of
Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek.

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View a video tour of De & Carolyn's old home after it was sold!
and before it was demolished to make way for a new home. Thanks for the link Kris! Kris wrote this:
"Although the Kelley home was sold and torn down following Carolyn's passing in 2004, the realtors
who sold it have kindly left the listing in existence. So if you ever wondered what kind of home the
Kelleys had, you'll be surprised to discover how small it was and how un-Hollywood-like."

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the first edition of a new book by Kristine M. Smith
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*Please note that Kris invites fellow DeForest Kelley fans to submit their reminiscences for inclusion
in a second edition of her book. Click on the following link for details on how you might be involved:


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Available on-line as an e-book and in book form (soft cover or hardbound)
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My Life and Times with a Remarkable Gentleman Actor"
by Kristine M. Smith
Read about it here:


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It is my great sorrow to let you know DeForest Kelley passed away
on June 11, 1999. Our prayers go out to his widow, Carolyn Kelley.

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NOTE**The author of this page, MARY JENSEN, passed away on
March 3, 2001 and she is missed terribly by her family
and friends. Rest in peace with God, Mary.

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It is my great sorrow to let you know Carolyn (Mrs. DeForest) Kelley passed away
on October 12, 2004. Our prayers go out to her many friends. If you'd like to send a donation to her favorite charity in her memory, please do so! Her favorite charity was the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington New York. The Kelley's also supported military veterans charities, Muscular Dystrophy, Shambala/The Roar Foundation (Tippi Hedren's wildlife preserve), children's hospitals, Union Mission in LA, and numerous other charitable causes, so feel free to send a gift in her memory to any of these at their known addresses (you can get addresses on-line for any of these charities), if they resonate more with you. See this link to Creations remembers Carolyn: "Creations Remembers Carolyn Kelley"

A Thank You From Carolyn Kelley!

DeForest Kelley Memorialized!

My Comments at De's Memorial Service, June 22, 1999 copyright 1999 by Kris Smith

DeForest Kelley Memorial Update

He's Dead, Jim! In Memorial to DeForest Kelley

DeForest Kelley, A.K.A. Dr. Leonard McCoy, His Fans Memorial

DeForest Kelley Memorial by: Carrie Larson

DeForest Kelley Memorial Fund

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DeForest Kelley's Early Years

DeForest Kelley was born in Atlanta, Georgia, January 20, 1920. As a youngster, he sang at the church where his father was a Baptist minister and also had a singing engagement with the Lew Forbes Orchestra during that time. He graduated from high school at 16. At seventeen he made his first trip outside the state to visit an uncle in Long Beach, California. He intended to stay for 2 weeks but ended up staying a year. Upon returning home, he told his parents he was moving to California to become an actor . His mother encouraged him but the idea didn't go over well with his father. In California, Kelley was spotted by a Paramount scout while doing a Navy Training film. He went on acting in many westerns and eventually played the role of Dr. Leonard McCoy which changed his life forever.

If you ask De what he is doing today, he will say, "I'm living in the valley with the very same wife." Carolyn and De were married Sept. 7th, 1945. They are still very happily married and living in the valley.

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McCoy Pic

DeForest Kelley's Movie Career

Trekkies (1999) ..... himself The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars (1998) .... voice of Viking Satelite William Shatner's Star Trek Memories (1996) .... himself Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Nov.26, 1986) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Jun. 6, 1984) .... Doctor Leonard McCoy Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Jun. 4, 1982) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Dec. 7, 1979) .... Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy Night of the Lepus (Jun. 29, 1972) .... Elgin Clark Apache Uprising (Jan. 12, 1966) .... Toby Jack Saunders Waco (Aug. 5, 1966) ..... Bill Rile Black Spurs (Apr. 30, 1965) .... First Sheriff Marriage on the Rocks (Sept. 14, 1965) .... Mr. Turner Town Tamer (Jul. 19, 1965) .... Guy Tavenner Gunfight at Comanche Creek (Mar. 4, 1964) ...... Amos Troop Where Love Has Gone (Oct. 14, 1964) .... Sam Corwin Two Faces West (1961) ..... a heavy Warlock (Apr. 1, 1959) .... Curley Burne Law and Jake Wade, The (Jun. 4, 1958) .... Wexler Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (May 15, 1957) .... Morgan Earp Raintree County (Oct. 9, 1957) ..... Southern Officer Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The (1956) .... Medic Tension at Table Rock (Oct. 3, 1956) .... Jim Breck Illegal (Aug. 20, 1955) .... Ed Clary View from Pompey's Head, The (Oct. 21, 1955) .... Jim, a Hotel Clerk House of Bamboo (Jul. 1, 1955) ....... Charlie House of Fear (English title for House of Bamboo) ..... Charlie Taxi (Jan. 13, 1953) ..... Fred Men, The (1950) ...... Intern ... aka Battle Stripe (1950) Duke of Chicago (1949) .... Ace Martin Canon City (1948) .... Smalley Beyond Our Own (a religious film) (1947) Fear in the Night (Feb., 1947) .... Vince Grayson Variety Girl (Jul. 16, 1947) .... Bob Kirby Time to Kill (Navy Training Film) (1945)

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PicWestern Pic

De in one of his many westerns. De in The Lone Ranger.

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DeForest Kelley's TV-Shows:

Hollywood Commandos (1996).....Himself
77 Sunset Strip "88 Bars" (Nov. 1, 1963) ..... Phil Wingate
ABC Matinee Today (Dec. 3, 1973) ..... Mr. Goldstone
Alcoa Theater "333 Montgomery" (Jun. 13, 1960) .....Jake Brittin
Alcoa Theater "Johnny Risk" (Jun. 16, 1958)
Armstrong Circle Theater
Assignment: Underwater "Affair in Tokyo" (1960)
Bat Masterson (Mar. 30, 1961)
Black Saddle "Apache Trail" (Oct. 20, 1959)
Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre
Bold Ones: the Doctors
Bonanza "Decision" (Dec. 16, 1962) ..... Dr. Michael Johns
Bonanza "Honor of Cochise" (Oct. 8, 1961) ..... Capt. Moss Johnson
Bonanza "Ride The Wind" 2 parts (Jan. 16, 1966) ..... Tully
Cavalcade of America "Medal for Miss Walker" (1954)
Code Three "Oil Well Incident" (1956)
Coronado 9 "Loser's Circle" (1959)
Cowboys, The "Dave Done It" (Jun. 2, 1974)
Crime Syndicated
Dakotas, The "Reformation at Big Nose Butte" (Apr. 1, 1963)
Danger Death Valley Days "Breaking Point" (Jun. 6, 1962) ..... Cullen
Death Valley Days "Devil's Gate" (Jun. 6, 1962) .... Cullen
Death Valley Days "Lady of the Plains"
Deputy "Means and the End" .... Elliot Webster
Donna Reed Show "Uncle Jeff Needs You" .... William
Frontier Justice "Shadow of a Dead Man" (Aug. 31, 1959) .... Logan Wheeler
Fugitive, The "Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue" (Oct. 19, 1965)
Gallant Men, The "Taste of Peace" (Mar. 16, 1963) .... Col. Davenport
Gallery of Mme Liu-Tsong (Sep., 1951)
Gunsmoke "Indian Scout" (Mar. 24, 1956) .... Will Bailey
Have Gun, Will Travel "Treasure" (Dec. 29, 1962) .... Deakin
Ironside "Warrior's Return" (Mar. 5, 1970) .... Fowler
Johnny Midnight "Inner Eye" (Jun. 14, 1961) .... David Lawton
Laramie "Gun Duel" (Dec. 25, 1962) .... Bart Collins
Laramie "Unvanquished" (Mar. 12, 1963)
Laredo "Sound of Terror" (Apr. 7, 1966) .... Dr. David Ingram
Lawman "Squatters" (Jan. 29, 1961)
Lawman "Thimblerigger" (Feb. 28, 1960)
Lineup, The "Chloroform Murder Case" (May 22, 1959)
Littlest Hobo (1964)
The Lone Ranger "Death in the Forest" (1952) Dr. David Barns
The Lone Ranger "Gold Train" (Mar. 17, 1950) Sherrif Bart McCall
The Lone Ranger "Legion of the Old Timers" (Oct. 6, 1949) .... Bob Kittredge
M Squad "Diamond Hard" (Nov. 29, 1957)
M Squad "Hideout" (Mar. 28, 1958) .... Detective
M Squad "Pete Loves Mary" (Oct. 11, 1957)
Man Called Shenandoah "Riley Brand" (Aug. 16, 1966) .... Egan
Markham "Counterpoint" (Aug. 25, 1960)
Matinee Theatre "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" (Nov. 8, 1955)
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer "Bride and Doom" (Apr. 19, 1961) .... Conroy
The Millionaire "Millionaire: Iris Millar" (Oct. 19, 1955) .... intern
Navy Log
Northwest Passage "Death Rides the Wind" (Jan. 16, 1959)
O. Henry Playhouse "Hiding of Black Bill" (Mar. 24, 1958)
Owen Marshall "Make No Mistakes" (Oct. 14, 1971) .... Frank Slater
Perry Mason "Case of the Unwelcome Bride" (Dec. 16, 1961) .... Peter Thorpe
Playhouse 90
Police Story (Sep. 8, 1967) .... Lab Chief Green
Primetime Live (1990)
Rawhide "Incident at Barker Springs (Feb. 20, 1959) Slate Prell
Richard Diamond PE (Aug. 30, 1959)
Richard Diamond PE "Adjuster" (Dec. 7, 1959) .... Ken Porter
Richard Diamond PE "Fine Art of Murder" (May 24, 1959)
Riverboat "Listen to the Nightingale" (Jan. 2, 1961) .... Alex Jeffords
Room 222 "Suitable for Framing" (Oct. 22, 1971) .... Judge Matt Silverton
The Rough Riders "Night Binders" (Nov. 20, 1958) .... Lance
Route 66 "1800 Days to Justice" (Jan. 22, 1962) .... Bob Harcourt
Route 66 "Clover Throne" (Jan. 27, 1961)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
Science Fiction Theatre "Long Day" (Dec. 23, 1955)
Science Fiction Theatre "Survival in Box Canyon" (Oct. 12, 1956) .... Dr. Milo Barton
Science Fiction Theatre "Y.O.R.D." (May 6, 1955) .... Capt. Hall (doctor)
Silent Force "Judge" (Oct. 19, 1970) .... Curston
Silent Service "Archerfish Spits Straight" (Mar. 7, 1958) .... Joe Enright
Silent Service "Gar Story" (Oct. 11, 1957)
Silent Service "Spearfish Delivers" (May 3, 1957)
Slattery's People "Question: Which One has the Privilege" (Dec. 7, 1964) .... Gregg Wilson
Stagecoach West "Big Gun" (Apr. 25, 1961) Lt. Clarke
Stagecoach West "Image of a Man" (Jan. 31, 1961) .... Clay Henchard
Star Trek (1966-1969) 79 Episodes (1966-1969) .... Dr. Leonard McCoy
Star Trek: The Animated Series [Stimme] (1973-1975)
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (1991)
Star Trek 30th Anniversary Special (1996)
Star Trek: The Next Generation(1987) Encounter at Farpoint
Steve Canyon "Operation Jettison" (Oct. 11, 1958) ... Radar Major
Studio 57 "Storm Signal"
Studio One (1951)
Tales of Wells Fargo "Captain Scoville" (Aug. 7, 1961) .... Cole Scoville
Tallahasse 7000 (1958 or 1961)
Trackdown "Dooley Boys" (1959) Tom Dooley
Trackdown "End of an Outlaw" (Nov. 29, 1957)
Trackdown "Hard Lines" (Mar. 11, 1959) Ed Crow
Trackdown "Jailbreak" (May 2, 1958) Brock Childers
Two Faces West "Fallen Gun" (1960) .... Verne Cleary
Virginian "Duel at Shiloh" (Jan. 2, 1963) .... Ben Tully
Virginian "Man of Violence" (Dec. 25, 1963) .... Dr. Belden
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Wanted: Dead or Alive "Hostage" (Oct. 10, 1959)
Wanted: Dead or Alive "Secret Ballot" (Feb. 14, 1959) .... Steve Pax
Web (1957)
The Westerner "Village of Fear"(Apr 19, 1962) .....Sherm Prichard
The Westerner "Apache Trail" ....... Sam King
Wild, Wild, West
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There
You Are There "Capture Of John Wilkes Booth" (Sept. 6, 1953)
You Are There "Fall of Fort Sumter" (Sep. 2, 1956)
You Are There "Gunfight at the OK Corral" (Nov. 6, 1955) .... Ike Clayton
You Are There "Rescue of the American Prisoners from Sant" (Oct. 9, 1955)
You Are There "Surrender of Corregidor" (Apr. 25, 1954)
Your Favorite Story "Inside Out" (Aug. 2, 1954) .... John Ainslee
Your Favorite Story "Man Who Sold His Shadow" (May 31, 1953)
Your Jeweler's Showcase "Hand of St. Pierre
Zane Grey Theater "Shadow of a Dead Man" (Apr. 11, 1958) .... Logan Wheeler
Zane Grey Theater "Stage for Tucson" (Nov. 16, 1956) Les Porter

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The Big Bird's Dream
The Dream Goes On
The Dream Goes On And On

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PicDe Pic

An Autographed Pictures of De playing Dr. Leonard McCoy

De Star Pic

Copyright 1991 Kris Smith
De receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Dec. 18, 1991

De Star Pic
Copyright 1991 CM Kelley
De and Carolyn Kelley receiving De's star
De's Star is located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the Hollywood Galaxy

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De, Then 1966 and Now at 30TH Anniversary of Star Trek Sept 8TH, 1996

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De 30th

De, Telling the Muffin Story at the 30TH Anniversary of Star Trek
With William Shatner in the background

De's stock answer to William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy was, "I'm alive and well and living in the valley with the very same wife!!!"
De was really proud of the fact he was the only one of the three with the very same wife, Carolyn.

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DeForest Kelley Birthday

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My Hero, DeForest Kelley by Carrie Larson.

Dammit Jim! He's My Hero, Not A Doctor! by Kris Smith

DeForest Kelley and Patrick Stewart Valentine Page

De Celebrates 50 Years in Film!

Talk To Me Dr. McCoy!

Bones Screensaver for Windows (58KB)

Sign De's Guest Book View De's Guest Book

Guestbook by Lpage

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