My God Jim, I'm having another Birthday!

January 20th

Happy Birthday DeForest!!!

De, You will always be our favorite Trek Star

Dr. McCoy always comes through!!

De looks good in any uniform!

Dr. Leonard McCoy

McCoy in "Undiscovered Country"

Bones coming aboard in Star Trek

The Movie

McCoy in "Undiscovered Country"

McCoy in Space Seed!

McCoy and Sulu

Leonard and Nancy

De in "Undiscovered Country"

No way they can make me believe that

McCoy and Kirk in "Undiscovered Country"

DeForest, You're the Best!

De's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Happy Birthday De and Have

Many, Many More!

From: Kris S., Carrie L.,

Maureen G., and Mary Jensen



COPYRIGHT 1998 By Mary Jensen

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