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Carr Northup was born 1 April 1747 in North Kingstown, Washington Co., Rhode Island ; the Son of Immanuel and ANNE (CARR) Northup.
He married SARAH CLARKE. (b. 24 October 1747; d. 18 March 1826, Hebron, Washington Co., New York) She was the daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth (Bliss) Clarke. Carr's half brother George Northup was Justice of the Peace, and he officiated at the wedding.

Carr died 22 September 1774, Allentown, Washington Co., Rhode Island. His widow lived for a time with her Father In Law, Immanuel, but soon after her son, John was married, she went to live with them at Hebron, N.Y.
Carr was a Lieutenant in the Second Kingstown Company of Militia in September of 1768, promoted to Captain in May, 1769
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Carr Northup Family

Children of Carr and SARAH (CLARKE) Northup

Nicholas Carr Northup b. 25 March 1767 m.
Clarke NORTHUP b. 2 December 1769
Christopher NORTHUP b. 3 April 1772 m. d.
John Holmes NORTHUP b. 22 March 1774 m.