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Thomas I and Margaret Northoppe 1535
Thomas II and ELIZABETH (ABBYE) Northoppe 1561
John and FRANCIS (ROISTONE) Northoppe 1565
Tom's Little Brother
SAMUEL Northoppe and MARY ROISTONE 1568
Kid Brother Marrys Kid Sister
Thomas III Northoppe and Anne Adams 1591
Son of Thomas Northup II With his First Wife
Henry Northop app. 1601
Name change

Joseph Northrup abt 1603
That Other Northrup Patriarch

John Northop abt 1605
Henry's Little Brother

Robert and Joanna Barnard abt 1615
One of 20 original owners of Nantucket Island

Joseph Northrup II and Mary Norton1623
Christianed in Milford, Connecticut in 1642

Stephen Northup 1625
Co-founded Providence, Roade Island

Son of John Northop and REBECKAH CLERKE

Joseph III Northrup and Miriam Blackman 1649
Son of Joseph II and Mary Norton

Steven and Rebeccah Barnard 1649
Son of Robert and Joanna

Stephen Jr. Northup and Mary Thomas 1660
Patriarch of 8 Documented American Families

BENJAMIN Northup 1662
Son of Stephen Northup, Sr. and Elizabeth Harrington

Henry and Mary (KINGSLEY) Northup 1663
Son of Stephen Northup, Sr. and Elizabeth Harrington

Joseph and Hopestill Northup 1665
Son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Harrington) Northup

David and Susannah (Congdon)Northup 1667
Son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Harrington) Northup

JOHN MOWRY and MARY Northup 1669
Steve and David's Kid Sister

George Northrop Sr. and Susannah abt 1675
Ancestry Uncertain

James and Abigail (Wilson) Barnard abt 1686
Stephen Barnard Sr.'s Parents

Thomas Northup and CATHERINE WESTGATE abt 1688
Son of Stephen Northup Jr and Mary (Thomas)

Henry and Mary (Eldred) Cary Northup abt 1689
Son of Stephen Northup Jr and Mary (Thomas)

Joseph Northrup IV and Susanna Roberts 1689
Son of Joseph Northrup III and Miriam Blackmun

MARY Northup and JONATHAN CARD abt 1689
Daughter of Stephen Northup Jr and Mary (Thomas)

Nicholas and Abigail Northup 1690
Stephen Jr.'s 7th Child

David and Margaret (Watson) Northup 1695
David Jr.

Immanuel Northup and Ann CARR 1699
3 Wives; 8 sons; 3 Attempts to name a son Henry after Grandfather

Joseph and Elizabeth Northup 1693/1700
son of Joseph and Hopestill Smith

George Northrop Jr. and Eleanor Blomen Nyce abt 1700
Son of George Northrop, Sr. and Susannah ??

Stephen and Sarah Northup 1704
Son of David Sr.

Robert and Patience Hazard 1707
Stephen and Mary's #7

Thomas and Lady (Needham) Northup 1716
Oldest son of Nicholas

Stephen and Elizabeth (Silver) Barnard 1719
Great Grandfather of Annis (Barnard) Davis

Aaron Northrup and Rebecca Hyatt 1720
Son of Joseph Northrup IV and Susanna Roberts

Joseph C. and Molly Congdon 1721
Son of Henry and Mary Cary?

Capt. Robert and Susannah Northup 1721
Son of David Northup Sr.

Gideon and Avis (Slocum) Northup 1728
Youngest son of Nicholas Northup and Abbigail Eldred

Sylvester Sr. 1729
Son of Henry and Mary Cary?

Enoch Nyce Northrop and Mary Holmes Abt 1730
Son of George Northrop, Jr. and Eleanor Blomen Nyce(Dnies)

James and Anna Northup 1731
Ancestor to els??

Captain William Northup 1732?
Dan and Rouse's Big/Little brother

Jeremiah Northup 1734
Father of Gould

Rouse and Sarah (Congdon) Northup 1734
First to go to New York

Daniel and Ann (Hampton) Collins/Northup 1738
Northup, Ohio link

Benjamin Northup 1740
Father of John

Lebbeus and Abigail Remington (Scranton) Northup 1741
Christopher's Parents

Zebulon and Mary (Cole) Northup 1741
Son of David and Margaret (Watson) Northup

Hannah and Hope (Jaquays) Northup About 1750?? Twin sisters married brothers.

Stephen Northrup and Deborah Robinson 1751 Son of James Northrup and Rachel Smith

Nicholas Northup Sr. and Lydia Palmer About 1752 Son of Thomas Northup and Lady Sarah Needham

Joseph and Sarah (Hatch) Northup 1754 Son of Stephen and Sarah (Roberts) Northup

Needham I and Mary (Clark) Northup 1754 Son of Thomas and Lady Needham

Emmanuel and Phoebe Northup; 1755 Cynthia Northup Great-Grandparents

Samuel Northup 1756 Son of Stephen Northup and Sarah Roberts

James and Elizabeth (Crandall) Northup 1755 Elizabeth Congdon's Parents

Samuel Northup 1756 Son of Stephen and Sarah (Hatch) Northup

Josiah Northrup and Rebecca Olmstead 1759 Son of Aaron Northrup and Rebecca Hyatt

Thomas and Sarah Northup; 1760 Gardiner connection

Sylvester Jr. and Mary Comstock 1762
Father of John Comstock Northup

George Northup I; abt 1762 Son of Stephen and Sarah

Gould Northup 1763
Immanuel's Grandson

Remington Northup 1764
John B's Big Brother

Stephen Jr. and Martha (Marshall) Barnard 1767
Grandfather of Annis (Barnard) Davis

John and Hope (Kelley) Northup 1769
The Son of Benjamin Northup

John B. Northup and Hannah B. Knowles 1770
The Son of Captain William and Ann (Slocum) Northup

Moved from New York to Vermont

Christopher and Martha (Briggs) Northup 1771
Parents of Margaret

Ebenezer Northup 1774
Wayne Shepard's 3rd Great Grandpa

Jacob Johnson Before 1776
Came over on ship from Holland

Nicholas and Katherine Northup 1777
Rouse and Sarah's son

Benjamin Northup 1777
Ebenezer's Little Brother

David and Elizabeth Northup 1778
Abial's Parents

Stephen and Eunice Northup 1779
Son of Joseph Sr. Northup and Sarah Hatch

Josiah NORTHUP and Lucy GUNN 1779
Cynthia Miller's Ancestor??

Thomas Jefferson Northup and Anna Margaret Syler 1780
Son of Daniel and Ann Hampton (Collins) Northup

Hampton T. Northup 1782
Captured by the Indians

Joseph Northup Jr. 1782
Son of Joseph and Sarah (Hatch) Northup

Samuel and Elizabeth Northup 1782
Son of Zebulon Northup and Mary Cole

Needham II and Betsey Northup 1783
The Second of the three Needhams

George Northup and Eleanor Preston 1784
Walker Northup's Great Grandparents

George T. Northup and Wealthy Tracey 1784
Parents of George Tracey Northup

Robert and Hannah (Brimmer) Northup 1786

Son of Samuel Northup

Anthony Northup 1787
Son of Zebulon and Mary (Cole) Northup

Cyrus Northrop I and Polly Bouton Fancher 1788
Son of Josiah Northrup and Rebecca Olmstead

George and Hannah (Clarke) Northup 1789
Erie, New York

James and Abigail Barnard 1792
Annis Davis's Parents

Harris Northup ; 1793
Son of Remington, Sr. and Amy (Knowles) Northup

Amaziah N. Northrup 1795
Father of Sardis

Thomas M. Northup and Mary Ann Borden 1796
My Great, Great, Great Uncle Tom

William and Anna (Williams) Northup 1796
Son of Remington, Sr. and Amy (Knowles) Northup

Nicholas Northup Jr. and Elizabeth Bentley 1797 Son of Nicholas Northup Sr. and Lydia Palmer

George Northup II ; abt 1798 Son of George I Ancestor to Annette Campbell??

Remington Northup Jr and Sarah 1798 Son of Remington, Sr. and Amy (Knowles) Northup

Hosea and Olive Northup 1800

son to Needham Northup and Mary Clark.

Abial Palmer Northup 1800

Grandfather of Gerald Kingsley Northup.

Willet Northup and Mary Thomas 1802

Son of Benjamin Northup and Phebe Ann Eldred

Daniel and Jane Northup1805
That Nova Scotia Daniel

Joseph and Annis Northup 1805
Son of Christopher and Martha (Briggs) Northup

Alva S. Northup 1805
Son of John Sr. and Elizabeth Northup

George Vernon and Hannah (Gilbert) Northup 1807

LaVinia McCall's Father-in-law.

Emanuel and Elinore (Preston) Northup 1807

Annette's True Ancestor

Caleb and Clarissa Northup; 1808.

Uncle Tom's younger brother.

Margaret Northup About 1808.

Margaret never married, so passed on her maiden name.

Needham III and Maranda Northup 1808

Varnum's Parents.

Andrew Johnson 1808

17th President of the United States.

George Washington Northup1809.

That Other Gardiner Connection

George Washington Northrup1810

Wayne Shepard's Great-Great Grandfather

Reynolds K. and Elizabeth Northup 1811

Son of John B. and Hannah (Knowles) Northup

Benjamin Phelps and Jane McCall 1811

Phelps/McCall Connection

Jacob Johnson and Mary MC DONOUGH Before 1812.

President Andrew Johnson's Parents (Could be Isaac's older half brother)

Isaac and Elmira Johnson 1812.

Parker Johnson's Parents

Josiah Northup/Ximena A. Tyler 1812

Son of Josiah and Lucy (Gunn) Northup

Joseph and Mary (Irion) Northup 1814.

Son of Hampton and Elizabeth Dean

Isaac Northup and Phebe Elizabeth Saunders 1816.

Parents of Uncle Hack Northup

Mary Taylor Gardiner 1816.

Charlie's Gardiner Connection

Vernum and Laura Northup 1817

Varnum's Uncle; Chauncey's Dad

Joseph and Jane (Northup) Blaylock 1817

Daughter of Hampton and Elizabeth Jane (Dean) Northup

Nathaniel and Harriet (Sherlock) Northup 1817

Nathan had 22 children from his two wives.

Anson Northup 1817

That other Minnesota Family.


Daughter of Harris Northup and Lydia Spencer

Stephen Monroe and Harriet Northup 1819

Son of Hampton and Elizabeth Dean

Henry Clay and Charlotte (Gilbert) Northup ; 1819

Thomas Jefferson Northup's oldest son.

James Harvey and Almira (CLEVELAND) Northup; 1819

Benson's parents.

Aleth Jorgensdotter Bukkoy 1821

That Other Buckeye Family/Connie Anderson's Ancestor

Joseph and Catherine (Richardson) Northup 1823

Son of Daniel and Martha.

Jacob and Nancy (Northup) Argubright 1823

Daughter of Hampton and Elizabeth Dean

Ira and Annis (Barnard) Davis 1824

Daughter of James Barnard

William and Elizabeth (Cox) Northup 1827

Son of George Northup and Hannah Clarke

Ambrose and Hannah Durrin; 1827

Great Grandma Eliza's Family

Sardis Northrup 1827

Son of Amaziah N. Northrup

Nicholas and Martha Northup 1828

Mark's Great-Great Grandfather

Charles Booth Northup 1828

Son of Willet Northup and Mary Thomas

Ansel M. Northup 1829

Son of George Vernon Northup

Stephen and Lucinda (Bates) Northup 1831

Son of Robert Northup


Daughter of Harris Northup and Lydia Spencer

Oliver L. Northup 1832

Bernard Tompsett's Connection

Gilbert and Malvina (Fitch) Northup 1833

Annette's Great-Great Grandpa

Cyrus Northrup II and Anne Elizabeth Warren 1834

Son of Cyrus Northrup I and Polly Bouton Fancher

Robert and Lucetta Northup 1834

Margaret's Boy

Thomas G. and Esther Northup 1836

Son of Thomas M. and Mary Ann Borden

Emmanuel and Emily (Hall) Northup 1837
Barbara's Great-Great-Grandfather

William Hall and Hortense (S) Northup 1837

Parents of Edwin Saunders Northup??

John Northup and Julie Ann Near 1838

Parents of Albert Sylvester Northup


Son of Harris and Lydia (Spencer) Northup

Varnum J. and Irene (Davis) Northup 1840

Fought and probably died in Civil War

Darius and Martha Ann (Adams) Northup 1842

Son of Joseph and Mary (Irion) Northup

August Krueger and Alvina Safelett 1842

Parents of Martha Bertha Krueger

Francis Olney and Julia Etta (Dwyer) Northup 1844

Parents of John Edward Northup

Mary Ann Northup 1844

Daughter of Stephen Monroe Northup

Benson Leonidas Sr. Northup1845

Shari's Great-Great-Grandpa

Missouri Charlotte Northup 1847

Daughter of Stephen Monroe Northup

Mary Eleanor Northup1849

The Quebec Berard Connection

The Parker Johnson Family ??

The Claypool/Baldwin link

Charles Wesley and Eliza Blanch Northup 1851.

Dad's Grandpa Charles

Emanuel Northup and Maud Galer 1851.

Uncle Hack

Susanna Wesely Northup and James Stuart Campbell 1851

Daughter of George Washington Northup and Mary Taylor Gardiner

Cyrus Winfield Northup 1852

Son of Stephen Monroe and Harriet Eliza (Gilbert) Northup

Thomas Byron Northup and ELIZABETH CATHERINE FANNING 1852

Son of Nathan Northup and Harriet Sherlock

Orrin Northrup 1852

Son of Sardis Northrup

Joseph and Agnes (Thompson) Northup 1854

Son of Joseph Northup I. and Sarah Ann Weller

Matilda Rachel Northup 1854

Daughter of Stephen Monroe Northup

Daniel Harold and Florentine (Cuevas)Northup 1855

Parents of Joseph Monroe

Samuel Congdon and Eliza (Hazard) Northup 1855

Son of George Washington Northup and Mary Taylor Gardiner

Frederich Eugene and Lucy (Sanders) Northrup 1855

Parents of Glen Wilbur

Myron and Hattie Knox 1855

My Mom's Grandparents

Edwin Northup and Hester Coglan 1856

Gilbert Roy's Parents

Charles Monroe Northup 1856

Son of Stephen Monroe and Harriet Eliza (Gilbert) Northup

James Henry Northup 1856/1858.

Victor's Dad

Nancy Jane Northup 1858

Daughter of Stephen Monroe Northup

George Eliger Northup 1859.

Franklin Gilbert's Parents


Son of Nathan Northup and Harriet Sherlock

Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman 1861

My Mother's Grandfather

Sally B. Northup and George Stenson 1861

Daughter of Isaac Northup and Phebe Elizabeth Saunders

Charles Jay Northup 1862

Son of Charles Booth Northup and Helen Brandt

William Thomas and MARY ROSE (BLANCHARD) Northup 1864.

Parents of Lilllian Belle

William and Ida (Miller) Northup 1864.

Etta's parents

Albert Sylvester Northup 1865.

From Canada to Iowa

Clarence D. Northup 1866

Son of Oliver L. Northup and Sarah C. Waters

Homer Harvey Northup and JENNIE DARLAND 1867

Parents of Oliver Jennings Northup

William Otis Northup and Nancy Damerell 1867

Parents of Otto Northup

George Clinton Northup and MARTHA ELLA DARLAND 1869

Parents of Tom and Dale's Aunt Shirley

Ernest A. Northrup 1869

Son of George Washington and Hannah Northrup

Robley James Northup, (Robbie) 1871

Son of Benson Leonidas NORTHUP, SR.

Parker and Julia Metcalf 1872

Daughter of Francis and Julia Northup

John and Lena Northup 1873.

Parents of Elmer Glen

Hollis and Anna Northup; 1873.

My Dad's Uncle Hollis

Edwin Saunders Northup; 1873.

Gerald Kingsley's Dad

Jasper Northup and ELIZABETH QUINN 1873.

George Everett's Parents

Isaac Arthur NORTHUP 1874

Son of Darius and Martha Ann (Adams) Northup

Almira Delight Northup 1874

Daughter of Benson Leonidas Northup

Francis Armenia (Northup) and Ira Lord 1875

The Lord Connection

Harry Allen Northup and CORA McCRISTAL 1876

Eleventh Son of Nathan

Ernest Northup 1877

Kansas Northups

Emma Northup and EVERETT M. NORTON 1877

Daughter of Nathan

Archie and Myrtle Northup 1878

My Grandpa and Grandma

Charles Henry and Eldora (Carter) Northup 1880

Cousin Larry's Grandparents

Ray Alta Northup 1880

Son of Benson Leonidas NORTHUP, SR.

Joseph Monroe and Christina (Cuevas) Northup 1881

Uncle Leroy's Dad

Ray and Esther (Northup) Sherman 1882

Sherman Connection

Ruth Avis Northup 1882

Daughter of Benson Leonidas NORTHUP, SR.

Charles Knox 1882

My Mom's Uncle Charles

Agnes Mabel Northup 1884


Claude and Cora (Johnson) Claypool1885

Uncle Claude

Gilbert Roy Northup and Alice White 1885

Son of Edwin and Hester Coglan

WILLIAM and Lillian Belle (Northup) Warburton 1886

Dianne's Grandmother

Aubrey William Northup 1887

Halifax, Nova Scotia; Canada Northups

Shirley Ina Knox 1887

Oldest Daughter Myron Wesley and Hattie Knox

Otto L. and Sarah (Sadie) Boon Northup 1887

Mark's Grandpa

Ralph NORTHUP 1887

Son of Edwin Northup and HESTER COGLAN

Herbert Northup 1887

Patriarch of four different Audubon, Ia. Northup Families

Alfred and Lelah Thompson 1888

Grandpa Archie's sister

George Harvey and Hazel (Reed) Northup 1888

Shari's Great Grandpa

Edwin Northup, Jr. 1888

Son of Edwin and Hester

Opal Northup 1889

Daughter of William Otis Northup

Ethel Knox 1889

Mom's Aunt Ethel

Maybelle Alvina Martha Fleischman 1890

Daughter of Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman

Martin and Hattie McNulty 1890

Archie's sister

Marjorie Lee Knox and Harry Carl Jones 1891

Norman's Big Sister

Floyd Northup 1892

Kansas to Oklahoma

Timothy Frederick NORTHUP 1892

Son of Edwin Northup and HESTER COGLAN

Glen Wilbur and Marjorie (Depuy) Northrup 1893

Wayne Shepard's Grandpa

Emily L. Stenson and William Truckenmiller 1893

Daughter of Sally B. Northup and George Stenson

Albert Earling Northup 1894

Son of Albert Sylvester

Norman Knox 1894

My Mom's Dad

Esther Fleischman 1895

My Mom's Mom

Charles Wesley Northup 1895

That Other CW

Rena Day Northup 1896

Daughter of Benson Leonidas NORTHUP, SR.

Carol (Knox) Larson 1896

My Grandpa's Sister

Samuel Punches Northrup 1896

Son of Gilbert Northrup and Malvina Fitch



Simeon and Ila Northup 1897

My Great Uncle Sim

Etta Belle Northup 1897

Daughter of William Jr and Ida Emma (Miller) Northup

Ralph Henry Fleischman 1897

Son of Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman

Lawrence Knox 1898

Where I got my Middle Name

Lois Hazel NORTHUP 1898

Bill Brunia's Grandmother

Lucy Gladys Lord 1898

Married Lester Harrison Hubbard

Victor Northup 1899

Mark's Grandfather



Maude Isabelle Fleischman 1899

Daughter of Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman

Ada Olga Northup 1900

Palmer Connection

Harry Northrup 1901

Changed His Name on a Bet Over a Pig

Willie Marie Northup 1901

McCoy Connection

George Everett Northup 1902

Jasper's youngest son

Orel Everett NORTHUP 1903

Son of Albert Sylvester Northup and Anna Crozier

Alma Hazel Northup 1903

Daughter of Ray Alta Northup and Annie Reed

Donald Knox 1904

Mom's Uncle Donald

William Thompson 1904

Son of Agnes Mabel Northup

Miriam Northup 1905

Daughter of Dale Orin Northup

Arthur and Marion Kunze 1906

Daughter of John and Lena

Alta Rebecca Northup 1906

Daughter of Ray Alta Northup and Annie Reed

Florence Knox 1907

Mom's Aunt Florence

Ed and Susie Kempf 1907

Dad's Aunt Susie

Ralph and Berneice Northup 1907

Son of John and Lena

Tharold C. Northup 1907

Son of Ralph Northup

Dale Orin Northup, Jr. 1907

Son of Dale Orin Northup, Sr.

Leroy and Etha Northrup 1908

My Uncle Leroy Changed His Name

Percy and Mabel Northup 1908

Son of Francis and Julia

Ray Wilbur Northup 1908

Son of Ray Alta Northup

George and Bernice (Wentzel) McNulty 1909

The Wentzel Connection

Paul Richard Northup 1909

Son of Ralph Northup

Harold Herman Warburton1909

Dianne Davis' dad

Jack and Ellen Groth 1909

The Groth Connection

Elmer Glen and Olga Northup 1909

Ronnie D. Northup's Mom and Dad

Maurice N. Northup 1909

Son of Ernest Northup

William A. Buhtz 1909

Son of Ruth Avis Northup

Vyron and Helen Northup 1910 My Mom and Dad

Irene McNulty and John Larson 1910 Dad's Cousin Irene

Laurence Elden and Marjorie Northup 1910

Cousin Larry's Dad

Auguste and Leone Northup 1910

Shari's Grandpa

Frank William Northup 1910

Son of Herbert



Harold Reed and Della Mae (Paris) Northup 1911

Cousin Shari's Uncle

Dick Manuel Northup 1911

Son of Herbert

George Alfred and Evelyn (Tesselle) Northup 1912

Son of that other Charles Wesley

Wesley and Gertsie Northup 1912

Uncle Wesley's family

Robert and Evelyn McNulty 1913

Son of Martin and Hattie

Darrell Northup 1913

Son of Otto and Sadie Boon; Mark's Dad

Wayland Lewis and Marion (Northrup) Shepard 1913

Wayne Shepard's parents.

Byron Gilbert Northup 1915

Son of Gilbert Roy Northup and Alice White

George and Margaret Cody 1916

Daughter of Martin and Hattie McNulty

George Lester Northup 1917

3rd son to Benson Leonidas

Gertrude Ellen Northup 1917

John and Lena's Daughter

Vincent James Northup 1917

Son of Gilbert Roy Northup and ALICE CECILLIA WHITE

Clinton and Marjorie Hanson 1918

Hanson Connection

Helen Ruth (Knox) Northup 1918

My Mama

Warren and Brenda Claypool 1918

Cousin Dave

Dorothy McNulty Peterson 1918

Daughter of Martin and Hattie (Northup) McNulty

Richard Truman Northup 1920

Son of Otto L. Northup

Dean and Verdell Northup 1921

Uncle Dean's family

Eleanor Northrup and Emery Francis Myers 1921

Annette Campbell's Mom and Dad

Donald and Audrey McNulty 1921

Martin and Hattie's Youngest boy

Dale Herbert Northup 1921

Son of Herbert

Norma Ellen Knox 1921

Daughter of Norman Leslie Knox and Esther Clara Viola FLEISHMAN

Margie Mae Hubbard and Duane Allan Whitcomb 1922

Daughter of Lester Harrison Hubbard and Lucy Gladys Lord

Donald Leroy Northup 1923

Son of Herbert

Phyllis Lorraine Knox 1924

Daughter of Norman Knox and Esther Clara Viola FLEISHMAN

Eldred and Vera Damschen 1926

Dad's Kid Sister

Claryce McNulty 1926

Dad's Cousin

Wilma Marie McCoy 1926

Daughter of Willie Marie Northup

John Norman Northup 1928

Son of Albert Earling

Joseph Gerald Northup 1929

Son of Gilbert Roy Northup and ALICE CECILLIA WHITE

William Henry McCoy 1929

Son of Willie Marie Northup

Richard Thompson 1930

Son of William Thompson

Ivy McNulty and Frank Stebbelton 1931

Martin and Hattie's Youngest Daughter

Tharold E. Northup 1931

Son of Tharold C. Northup

Richard Lee Halsted 1931


Max Everett and Ruth Ann (PFEIFER) Northup 1932

Son of George Alfred and Evelyn Pearl

Franklin Kent Northup 1932

Son of Frank

Gertrude Berni (Trudy) McCoy 1932

Daughter of Willie Marie Northup

Gerald and Fae Northup 1933

Cousin Gary

Shirley Thompson 1933

Daughter of William Thompson and Ruth Cooper

Alfred Earl Anderson 1934

Descended from Ruth Buhtz

Jim and Betty Northup 1935

Shari's parents

Mary Lou Megorden 1935

Daughter of Dorothy Cathryn Buhtz

Roberta Buhtz 1936

Daughter of WIlliam A. Buhtz

Ardythe Esther McClellan 1936

Daughter of Ralph and Cheryl McClellan

Raymond Thomas McCoy 1936

Son of Willie Marie Northup

Lewis Dean and Gayl Northup.; 1937

The first to go of our generation

David and Nadine Northup 1937

Shari's Uncle Dave

Embert Northup 1938

Steve's dad

Thomas E. Northup 1938

Son of Orel Everett Northup

Renee Marie McClellan 1938

Daughter of Cheryl Beatrice Knox and Ralph McClellan

Gunnar and Connie Hallberg 1939

The Hallberg connection

J.D. Joseph Northup 1939.

Theresa's Dad

Charles Vyron and Eydith Northup 1940

bro Chuckie

Larry Lee NORTHUP 1940

Son of Dick Northup

Gary Eugene Halsted and Carolyn Katherine Bogaert 1940

Son of GARLAND PHELPS HALSTED and Margaret Weiland

Annette Celia Myers Campbell 1942

Cousin Annette.

Frank and Judy Fowler 1942

The Fowler connection.

Jean Carolyn Whitcomb and James Edgar Walker 1942

Daughter of Margie Mae Hubbard and Duane Allan Whitcomb

Donald and Carrol Peterson. 1942

Son of Donald and Dorothy (McNulty) Peterson.

Ben Hanson 1942

Cousin Popeye.

Thomas John Northup 1943

Son of Auguste Eugene Northup

Ronald Carl Anderson 1943

Son of Grace Agnes Buhtz

Dianne Christine (Warburton) Rogers 1944.

Cuz, Dianne

Dennis Damschen; 1944.

Cousin Denny

Ronnie and Kathleen Northup 1944.

Cousin Ronnie from Wisconsin

Rick and Donna Northup; 1944.

That's me

David and Martha Claypool 1944

Cousin Davie Doug

Timothy Lynn Northup 1944

Son of Richard Truman Northup

Paul and Diana Morkassel 1945

The Morkassel Connection.

Elwin and Marlyce Tanner 1945

Clint and Margie's oldest Daughter

Emitt and Theresa Northup 1945

Cousin Emitt from Montana

Mike and Linda Claypool 1947

Cousin/Brother Mike

Donald and Sharon Northup 1947

Uncle Dean's Boy

Tony and Dee Persinger 1947

The Persinger Connection

Lawrence and Maura Northup 1948.

Cousin Larry

Linda (Northup) Brauer/Smith 1949

Uncle Dean's daughter

Donald Glenn and Judy Marie Prohaska 1949

Cousin Judy

Jeff and Val Claypool 1949

Kerry's Mom and Dad

Mike and Nita Walker 1950

The Walker Connection

Wayne Lewis and Kathy Shepard 1950

Syracuse, NY

Ron and Sheryl Northup;1952

Bro Ron I

Frank and Maridawn (Mayer) Northup; 1954

Bro Frank; The Franshire Cat

Sandra Joanne Templar 1956

Daughter of Wilma Marie McCoy

Duane Hanson 1957

Cousin Duane

Walter and Leanne Haugan; 1957

Dead end link

Mark and Deborah Northup 1957

Son of Darrell and Lois (Garvey) Northup

Darien and Lafern Northup. 1958

Bro D.

Scott William McCoy 1958

Son of William Henry McCoy

David and Lisa Samuelson 1960

The Eldest of the Vyron and Helen Northup Grandchildren

Rebecca Lynne Templar 1960

Daughter of Wilma Marie McCoy

Robin and Lynn Jones 1961

Connie's Deceased Daughter

Arlan Hanson 1961

Cousin Ollie

Shari (Northup) Ringer/Bigalk 1961

Descended From Benson Leonidas

Brenda Jean Risley 1962

Sister Connie's Daughter

David and Mary (Northup) Christiansen 1962

Jim and Betty's other Daughter

Lorraine (Northup) Ash 1962

Shari's Cousin Lori

Teresa Marie Halsted 1962

Daughter of Gary Eugene Halsted

Teresa (Halsted) Huslander and Jeffery Vernon Myer 1962

Daughter of Gary Eugene Halsted and Carolyn Katherine Bogaert

Curtis and Faith Binkley.1963

The next generation starts here.

Stephen Northup 1963

Son of Embert Northup

Brenda Ann Halsted 1963

Daughter of Gary Eugene Halsted and Carolyn Katherine Bogaert

Michael Robert Hallberg 1964

Sister Connie's youngest

Connie Lee Northup 1964

Ronnie and Kathleen's Daughter

Alan Morkassel 1965

Diana's Oldest Son

Krista Lea (Northup) Lauer 1965

Shari's Cousin

April Marjory (Hanson) Joyner/Todd 1966

Daughter of Ben and Maria (Fernandez) Hanson

Vyron Andy Morkassel 1967

Sister Diana's son

Linda Margaret Halsted 1967

Gary Eugene Halsted and Carolyn Katherine Bogaert's Daughter

Cynthia Ann Northup 1967

Ronnie and Kathleen Northup's Daughter

Richard and May Ashley 1967

Cousin Ben's Daughter

Cynthia Louise (Northup) Miller. 1967

Cousin Cindy from Connecticut

Adam and Deaun Northup 1968

Great Uncle Sim's Grandson

Katherine Margaret Walker and Brian Scott Lowe 1968

Daughter of Jean Carolyn Whitcomb and James Edgar Walker

Holly Sue (Northup) Finnegan . 1969

Also Descended From Benson Leonidas

Frank Northup 1969

Bro Chuckie's boy

Larry and Leanne Northup 1970

My Oldest Son.

Sheia Rae Northup and Gary Immig 1970

Daughter of Charles Leslie Northup and Eydith Rae Schmidt

Kevin and Traci Morkassel 1970

Sister Diana's Youngest.

David and Kristi Lehtinen 1970

Daughter of Lynn (Northup) and Arnold Olson

Ben and Holly (Northup) Pierce1971

Cousin Emitt's daughter

Clarissa Helen Fowler. 1971

Frank and Judy's Daughter.

Brian and Jeana Lundeen. 1972

My Oldest Daughter.

John and Cheryl Ballek. 1973

My Second Daughter.

James and Hollie (Hanson) Bear. 1973

Cousin Ben's Daughter.

Casey and Daisy Northup 1974

Cousin Emitt's boy

Jamie and Joanna Nesvold 1975

Sister Judy's Daughter

Justin and Tami (Brauer) Butler 1975

Cousin Linda's daughter

Ken and Kerry Moen1975

Cousin Jeff and Val Claypool's Daughter

Paul Edward Smith1976

Cousin Linda's step-son

Amanda Marie Binkley 1981

Curtis and Faith's Oldest Daughter.

Juliana Northup and Jacob Anderson 1982

My Youngest Daughter.

Stuff my Mailbox

Current Northup Family Pictures

Historical Northup Family Pictures

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