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Hattie Luella Northup was born October 14, 1890 to Charles and Eliza Northup in Monroe Township near Amiret, Minnesota. She married Martin McNulty and later moved into the old Northup Homestead after her parents died. Martin ran the Phelps garage at Phelps Mill in Ottertail County. They had 9 children; George, Irene, Bud, Joe, Margaret, Dorothy, Donald, Claryce, and Ivy. The entire family moved to Glasgow, Montana. Younger brother, Simeon also moved there. Most of the kids still live around there. Hattie died in 1952.

Martin and Hattie McNulty Family

Children of Martin and Hattie McNulty

George E. McNulty ; B. 1909 M. Bernice Wentzel near Phelps Mill
Agnes Irene; B. 1911 M. Jack Larson
Robert M.(Bud) Mc Nulty ; B. 1913 M. Evelyn Winters of Fergus
Joseph McNulty; B. 1914
Margaret L.; B. 1916 M. George Cody
Dorothy A.; B. 1918 M. Donald Peterson
Donald S.; B. 1921 M. Audrey Smith
Claryce I.; B. 1926 M. Robert Rawson
Ivy A.; B. 1931 M. Frank Stebbelton