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Mary Lisa Northup was born the second daughter to Jim and Betty Northup on August 12, 1962, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She was married on January 25, 1986, in Quinault, Washington, to David Engvald Christiansen who was b. December 4, 1955, in Tacoma, Washington.

Mary writes:
"Hi Northup Clan, Thanks for welcoming me to the Northup nets. This is all new to me and I am a little slow on picking up. I had fun looking at the stuff you sent. It was interesting. Shari has kept me informed a little and she sure has fun with it. She has been after me for some time to get going on it. She is also a great coach. I'm not sure how much she has told you about us but it is all a lie! Just kidding!
We live in a beautiful place on the Olympic Penninsula. Lake Quinault is a small community with the nearest city 50 miles away.
We have 20 acres and a nice home. We have three children. Danaye Lynn, born March 14, 1988; Christopher Engvald, born March 22, 1991; and Annie Kathleen, born October 30, 1992. They are beautiful kids. and yes I am proud.
We also have donkeys and pack with them. It is a blast. Our front yard is the Olympic Nat'l. Park and it is a wonderful playground.
David works for the Dept. of Natural Resources of the State of Washington, and I work for the Postal Service. We both enjoy our jobs and feel we are so lucky to be able to live here.
We live only 25 miles from where our ancesters homesteaded on the Clearwater River and visit it often. It is wonderful to have such deep roots in a community. It has played a huge part of making me who I am. We have a very rich history. It makes you realize you can do any thing. My youngest child just made a statement at school that cracked me up. She was headed out to recess without a coat and when she was asked where her coat was she replied,"I dont need a coat, we are pioneers". The recess aid thought I would enjoy that statement and I have had a great laugh with it. It makes me proud too.
I had better send this. I will send it to the two other Northup Welcome Committee members also.

Thanks so much,
Mary Northup Christiansen

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David and Mary (Northup) Christiansen Family

Children of David and Mary (Northup) Christiansen

Danaye Lynn born March 14, 1988
Christopher Engvald born March 22, 1991
Annie Kathleen born October 30, 1992