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You have reached the Home Page of the Northup Family Tree. Consider, Please, that this is a part of the Rick Northup Alternative WEBsite. As such, it provides an interesting Alternative to the usual GEDcom Databases you find on Family Tree sites. Please do not ask me to provide you with Gedcom print-outs, as I have none. Please do not ask me for supporting documentation, because I have very little. This can not be considered an infallible research site. Most of the links are not authenticated by records and documents. The information here-in should be considered here-say. However, there are many interesting links within these pages. An attempt has been made to entertain. Many stories that have been included are amusing and/or poignant. See especially The Hampton Story
and the Story of the Demise of Thomas Byron Northup by lightening.

Our family ancestry has been traced three generations deep into England, and I have similar links to England through the Knox side of my family, although they have not yet been fully included and may be saved for a separate site named Knox Family Tree. I have also yet to get serious on my wife's Buckeye and Sullenger pages.
This is intended to be primarily a Northup project, although there are many interesting side shoots coming out of the trunk of this tree, and they are included. All accessing may be done through the Name Index Link, which is ordered chronologically by Date of birth of the principal Northup family member, where possible. If you know the approximate Birth Year of the party you are searching for, this is the place to start.

Or you can access my alphabetical list of files by going to My Tripod Site. Here, the files are listed in alphanumerical order, and my Filenames use various combinations of Given Names and year of birth, in most instances. If you know the subject's Given Name, you may choose to start there.
Otherwise, you may simple browse from page to page using the many links that are included on each page.
Also, at the top of the Main Home Page and at the top of the Name Index Page, there is a Pull-Down Menu that will bring you easily from one site to another, which includes the Northup Family Photo Album and the Main Alternative Northup Family Home Page.

I have had considerable trouble keeping this site free and easily accessible to all. In this effort, I have repeatedly moved my hosting service, and have most recently started paying for my own domain to beat the advertising. I have discovered that practically any name in my database can be readily found using a regular commercial Search Engine like MSN or Yahoo. I also have installed an Onboard PICO Search engine. Scroll down and give it a try. This is an internal site search and works fairly quickly. I apologize that this site is under construction daily. If someone can help me set this up, please feel free to contact me on my Laptop or Home PC

Since I moved to my own Private Domain, there are quite a few Dead End Links that I have not yet resolved. I do this for nothing and there is no advertising, except for Cyndi's List; which is where I have gotten a lot of my information.
Please enjoy your cyber visit, and Return often to see updates. I gain much of my information from interested persons, who e-mail me with their own photos, anecdotes and data. You can help me by signing the Guestbook and/or e-mail me directly

if you wish to open a dialogue.

If you wish to submit Family Information, go to my Genealogy Submission Form.


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