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How will it work? It is simple: Wherever you get a hand up when scanning this country map with your mouse, it means that the web provides information about the area. Just click and wait a while to read about it.
The map itself contains all polish cities of more than 15.000 inhabitants. At present over 85 of these cities are clickable and 45 of them with information in English. A normal loading time of this large file (231 kbyte) is about 5 minutes. If you don't want to wait for the map but instead wish to receive our clickable alphabetic city list with language specification - directly, click here. We have the pleasure to inform you that we regulary survey and evaluate the content of this list's links, in order to keep the information provided here up-to-date.
We wish you a nice trip!            New administration map of Poland, valid since 1999, is available here!!
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