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        Welcome to the Pascal Sprite Engine's project page! What is the Pascal Sprite Engine? It's a graphics library for Pascal that uses sprites. The greatest thing about PSE(Pascal Sprite Engine) is that there is no BGI's to mess with. All graphics modes are controlled by PSE. Our goal is to make PSE the only graphics library you'll ever need. Plus the easiest way to use sprites in your Pascal programs.

What are sprites?

        You probably know what a transparent GIF is if you've surfed the net enough. Well think of a sprite as an image that's whole purpose is to be transparent. The cult classic Doom/Doom 2 was full of these 2 dimensional wonders. However sprites don't have to be transparent. Sprites also must be movable. That's why for the most part they are normally small. Of course in a few cases some exceptions are made here and there.

What's new:

5 August, 1999:

It's been quite a while, but thats ok it just means that I've been hard at work on PSE! The VESA Modes have been implemented and I am now more than halfway through getting the sprite system to work with them. A new PIX format will be interduced with the new version to support high and true color images; Plus some new features to improve programming. The older version of sprite files will still be supported.

We now have a new addition to the PSE Project, Tempest. We will be doing the PSE User's Guides and other documentation. Strongly thinking of adding a FAQ for PSE.

Just opened the PSE Message Board!!! Go check it out, post messages, leave advice, ask questions and spread rumors about PSE! :)

23 June, 1999:

I just received a nice little surprise in my in-box last night and thought I'd share it with you all. There is a Diablo-Style Clone in production and guess what engine he decided to use? :) He, with the recently released Alpha of PIX Drawer, started importing all the nice graphics. He sent a nice screen shot too. Go to the PIX Drawer page to see it. If you are working on a game, demo or nice graphical project and would like to show it off, we would be more than glad to post it here. All submissions will receive full credit to it's authors/artists.

VESA modes, huh? You asked for it, your getting it! From today till next month I'll be working on the new SetVESA(); command! The VESA modes that will be included in the next update of PSE are settings 320x200 to 800x600 and colors 256(8-bit) to 64k(16-bit).


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Line Command: Got a super fast line command? Send it in! I'll put up in the Speedy GFX Command area!

People working on the PSE project:

WILL ~ Founder Of Red Ant Productions/Programmer/Web Author

Scarlet Knight ~ Co-Founder Of PSE Project/Project Leader/PIX Drawer

Tempest ~ Documentation/User's Guides

Master Illusion ~ Programmer/Graphics Routeens/Optimization

Kimon Hoffmann ~ Programmer/TMT Pascal Port




PSE Pre-Release B --- Download (~245KB)


PSE User's Guide 1.0(TXT Version)

PSE User's Guide 1.0(HTML Version)


PIX Drawer Page

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