Department of the Pacific Areas
District III

Welcome to District III, Pacific Areas. We are the largest District in the Department. Our District covers all of Korea. We are spread out from the Demilitarized Zone, all the way to the southern coastal city of Pusan. So if you ever make it to Korea, please visit us.

!!!Warning - We are still under construction!!!

District III Officers
Commander James J. Mayo
Senior Vice Ed Fondrick
Junior Vice Melvin Gaither
Adjutant Kenneth Tretow
Quartmaster Kieth Michael
Chaplain Ron Davis
Advocate Kenneth Tretow
Surgeon Jerry Ross
Service Officer Mike Jugan
Trustee 1 John Faass
Trustee 2 Larry Vestal
Trustee 3 Curly Knepp
Inspector Larry Vestal
& Loyalty
Ed Jablonski
Buddy Poppy Tony Samora
Community Affairs Melvin Gaither
Membership Ed Fondrick
Safety Robert Crittenden
Youth Activities Joseph Pagano
District Webmaster Thomas J. Lucken

Posts and Commanders
Post #8180 Robert Henault
Post #9985 Joseph E. Barnes
Post #10215 Thomas Walker
Post #10216 James Proctor
Post #10223 William Haney
Post #10317 Larry Vestal

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