Vector Land

An Introduction to 3D Vector Analysis

Welcome to Vector Land:)

This is the beginning of an online course to get to grips with 3D vectors for anyone who wants to learn. Most of the material is about UK A-level difficulty, so if you're studying a maths course involving vectors I hope working through it won't harm your grades:) Also if you're interested in related topics, such as 3D graphics programming or Newtonian mechanics, I hope you'll find something useful or interesting.


Good luck with the course!...

Testing what you know...

Links to the applets used in the course

Apologies for the extremely slow progress - finals seem to be taking up most of my time at the moment. Many thanks for the encouragement though, and I hope I can get round to improving the site before long.

In progress...

If you found the above simple and are curious about what a vector really is here's a page introducing the concept of a vector space.

Please e-mail me (Paul Kirby) if you have any suggestions, improvements, find any errors, think some part is unclear, or just want to:)

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