hi. i'm steve from Orra'face, a new UK punk band, 
formed of ex-members of Cowpuncher, Wounded Moose, Defect and SPSTW. 
Combining elements of the Subhumans, Riot/Clone, Police Bastard, 
Active Minds and even Senser, the band play a combination of political 
and fun lyrics. If you're interested mail me as we have gigs all 
over the UK every couple of weeks or so. tHE BAND HAS FIVE MEMBERS
sTUART - BASS, AND vIRGIL - dRUMS... Just to give you a taster 
(not that it tells you much) here are some of the lyrics


judged and told a million lies from the moment of your birth
will it be a boy or girl, how much will it be worth?
the girl is dressed in pretty pink the boy is wrapped in blue
and the stereotypes continue every day your whole life through
and as they grow he learns to fight and she learns how to cook
the parents forced it on them cos they read it in a book
packed off to school at four or five to learn what they should be
he can be a soldier she can be a secretary
/this is your life (x2)/ 
at 12 they both attempt to grow to find themselves their roles
the boy played with his action men the girl her barbie dolls
at 15 they try to rebel speak out against the wrongs
and TV says thats easy kids just buy some of our songs
anger subdued, thoughts diluted, minds both turn to sex
they read it in the magazines its what the world expects
and dad says son you go for it grow up and be a man
stick out your chest and earn respect, fuck everyone you can
/this is your life (x2)/ 
But girl you'd better not step out of line with what I say
no sex until you're 25 then only on your marraige day
and at 16 they go out to clubs in the fashion of the day
have to buy new clothes each week make sure they look ok
the boy drinks pints the girl has halves, both sometimes pop some pills
he looks the same as all his mates while shes dressed up to give the thrills
it must be right - they're all the same - they had to join in
aim for the perfect nobody, blond blue eyed and thin
/this is your life (x2)/ 
at 25 they'll give it up they think they got to old
settle down, spouse and career, do exactly what they're told
he worked in a slaughter house while she learned how to type
(they'd both tried vegetarian , it didn't fit the hype)
he died of stress at 58 and on the day he went
he told his wife he realised the wasted life he'd spent
she blamed it on the parents, media and life
just like the murderer who says 'my childhood made me take the knife'
/this is your life (x2)/ 
But the shit won't stop until we learn to speak out now with force
and not expect this way of life to be matter of course
take responsibility for the problems that are rife
open up your fucking eyes - this is your fucking life
But the shit won't stop until we learn to speak out now with force
and not expect this way of life to be matter of course
take responsibility for the problems that are rife


You talk about a natural state while you feed cows to a cow
What's your agenda, when human placenta is what you feed them now
burger, steak, i ask you why, you say because you can
well, does in-bred domestication, profit, trait exageration, make you more of a man?
Your attitude to chickens is worse, perhaps, than cows
When what you say, is 50 K alright packed in one house?
Your image from the TV, picking round for food where they please
But behind the screens, pumped with human growth genes, til their bodies start breaking their knees
And lambs in fields you love so much, they look so very sweet
Do their sentient eyes, help you realise, that they're all good enough to eat?
You talk out against prejudice while you oppress entire populations
For one main course, with fresh mint sauce, your sunday meal creations
You say that those who don't eat meat, care more for beast than us
But don't you realise the suffering, even to humans, that you cause by your bloodlust?
Innefiecient dietry process, that wipes land out, water and homes
Third world starvation, is of YOUR instigation, so don't preach while you're picking the bones


Do you think that the police serve their purpose? 
Do you think that religion isn't mind control? 
Do you think that the inncoents deserve this? 
Do you think at all?
(CH) do you think? what do you think? and do you think at all? 
do you think? what do you think? and do you think at all?
Do you think that war ain't a bad thing?
Do you think vivisection ain't cruel?
Do you think that the poor put themselves there?
Do you think at all?
Do you think that we bow down before you?
Do you think that we follow your rules?
Do you think we even care what you're saying?
Do you think at all?



(SP) If your feeling downhearted, and all out of luck,
Theres a fast food resteraunt that serves up muck.
Endorsed by a clown, one joint in every town
The water-burger-king of cardboard wears the crown.
Theres nothing quite like a table to put your toys on
At the childrens parties they're fed synthetic poison.
Not a healthy choice by any means it's a laugh
What you eat in ten minutes pays a member of staff
For an hour, can't you see about this fast food chain
Its embarrassing, the advertising campaign

But I'm immune to the toxic poisonous fumes
And I hear them right now in the boardrooms

If they're fool enough to try it, we can make 'em scoff it
Buy the same again, we're talking meg profit.

TRUST ME - I've got a vague idea of what I'm on about
Got a ticket for the rest of your life that I wanna tout
TRUST ME - I won't be sitting on the fence
I've got a lawyer who will deal with the consequence.

(ST) Welcome to the free choice consumer society
Their profits bumped up by a lack of variety
Its in their interests to keep everyone the same
In the name of their economy you forfeit your brain
Zombified, for their budgeting plans
Glad to eat the crap so long as nobody stands out
Never stop to think where you shit meal comes from
Take another minute off the planetary timebomb…

Your childhood, your youth…where it went?
Oh, part of that 90s experiment
We all stink of this earth, but whose stench are we?
Who'll have a share in the 21st century?
Questions, Questions, 2000 and beyond
But we've signed that virtual lifestyle bond,
From mario-the-mortal-hedgehog-streetfighter
And all that crap from some other writer
You ate all the lies, you ate all the lies
Cut down on your beef life get some exersize

But I'm immune to the toxic poisonous fumes
And I hear them right now in the boardrooms

They'll be virtual zombies with the prices we're chargin'
Clouding real life with a nice profit margin

TRUST ME (etc)

(ST) Computer, TV, newspaper - fatality
Its only purpose to erase your morality
All to convince you that wars just a game
Its for your freedom, it's not monetary gain
That provokes us to start, that's why we even kill kids
They're all the enemy and canister lids
Are removed to reveal what your taxes have bought
That all this killing is murder never entered your thoughts…

(SP) Ethics? The hell you're right
Who gives a damn about royal cellulite?
Buts it must be real news, the papers keep selling
The trees keep felling, the lies keep telling
Malicious gossip about private lives
If it were you or me we'd be playing with knives
But the papers are the koran, the torah, the bible
It's a drop in the bucket to sue them for libel

But I'm immune  to the toxic poisonous fumes
And I hear them right now in the boardrooms

Just like the belgrano 'we gotcha' and again
make light of a disaster, more power to the pen

TRUST ME (etc)

(ST) Trivial, scream the headlines again
a princess is dead, 60 died in a plane.
But who gets the time? The innocent, needy?
Or waste all our thoughts on the rich and the greedy?
A godlike status for dictators of state
We fall in love with their ideals of hate
Cos the papers are the koran, the torah, the bible,
It's a drop in the ocean to sue them for libel…



I didn't mean to get this way
Shit stupid and out of my face
It ain't illegal but it ain't encouraged
its something inside and I just love it

Can't afford the rent.
Goinng to have to live in a tent
Ain't got no money for food
I can only just afford the booze

I'm SKINT ain't got no money
UGLY the females have all gone
and so DRUNK it just ain't funny
but i'm sure i'll get along

Why do they all run like fuck 
when they see my ugly mug?
Think i'll have to drink some more
see if i have better luck on the floor
can't even string three words together
think i'm going to stay this way forever
look in my wallet got 15p
won't noone buy a drink for me?

I'm SKINT ain't got shit
UGLY I'm all alone
and so DRUNK i'm going to be sick
won't someone take me home

skint, ugly and drunk......

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