Konnichiwa! Welcome to the home of the Dedicated Sailormoon Webmasters. This is a club that not everyone can join...there is one main requirement, and that is that you have kept up your site, and plan to keep on doing so! This means you do not think of Sailormoon as a trend, or have a page just because it's in. You have worked hard on your site, and want people to see it! You don't have to plan to have it up indefinitely, but for awhile. The main point is that you have worked hard on your site, not something you put together overnight, and you wish to share it with others who have worked just as hard as you have.

If you think you meet these requirement, then please join here.
Now, choose your destiny! ^_^
Members' sites
Awards Given*

*Yes, awards will be given to members of the club as time goes on a little.

Here is what your member badge should look like:

And if the html sent to you via email doesn't turn out right, then let me know.