The Classes of Krynn

The following list is all the occupations on Krynn minus the basics like Farming, Smithing, Government, etc. Also this is a list of playable classes to those who enjoy AD&D. These are just short descriptions and I encourage all who may be interested in more info to purchase the Tales of the Lance Box Set.

The Fighter's Class

Samurai - This type of fighter leads a life of total honor much like a knight or paladin. A Samurai is ruled by a king, lord, or god. One without a ruler is called a ronin. There is no difference between the two except a ronin is lost and without purpose. A Samurai is Lawful but may be either Good or Evil. Ceremony and honor are held highly. There is a ceremony for almost everything but each tribe/village may be different than any other. To the Samurai there are only two types of actions: a honorable one and a dishonorable one. There are no examples (that I know of) in the novels of Dragonlance. As far as location goes, the only known tribes/villages are on Taladas.

Knights of Solamnia - This fighter is unsurpassed by any other. This Knight is Lawful Good and holds honor as highly as the Samurai. The Knights have what is called the Oath and Measure, which is a written code of honor that each Knight must follow. Their primary purpose is to defend the helpless, promote good, and administer justice. Most Knights of Solamnia are marked as such by a long flowing mustache above their upper lip. All knights of Solamnia that have proven themselves worthy are awarded the Plate of Solamnia. For long centuries the Knights of Solamnia had stood for Justice and Law on Krynn, now the Knights are hated and reviled , blamed for bringing down the wrath of the gods and persecuted for not protecting Krynn during the cataclysm. The Knights of Solamnia are known for an overwhelming hatred of magic as it is something they can neither control nor understand. There are 3 orders among the Knights of Solamnia they are...Knight of the Crown, Knight of the Sword, Knight of the Rose. Knight's of the Crown are the training order of the Solamnic Knights. Knight of the Sword are the most common of the orders of Solamnic Knights- Knights of the Sword gain the ability to cast clerical spells. The Knights of the Rose are the highest order of Solamnic Knights, only nobles can become Knights of the Rose- Knights of the Rose gain a complete immunity to all fear as well as the access to clerical spells that the Knights of the Sword have.

Ranger - This type of fighter is a woodsman that knows how to fight. Within their home forest, Rangers are truly gifted. In their element they are "one with nature". Rangers are like Paladins in being generally Good although the opposite does exist. Rangers are the defenders and keepers of the forest. They are simplistic and hate civilization. Very few of them travel away from their forest. The best example of Rangers on Krynn are the Kagonesti Elves.

Paladin - This fighter is a generally a Knight. The only difference between a Knight and a Paladin on Krynn is the nationality of the person. Knights of Solamnia are from Solamnia, Paladins are everyone else fitting the definition, See Knight of Solamnia. Typically Paladins are Ergoth. Paladins have the same advantages and limitations as the Knights.

Mercenary - This type of fighter is basically a sword for hire. They range from experienced veterans to young kids looking for adventure. The normal attitude of a mercenary is one of isolation. They keep to themselves and have a general disgust for the rest of the world. There are some, however, that are bent on world domination and will join any force he/she thinks could accomplish that goal. Most mercenaries are of a large build and believe in what they can do with their hands and swords. Intelligence ranges from down right stupid to very gifted. Examples of mercenaries in the Dragonlance novels are: Kitiara, Caramon, Verminaard, and most of the Dragonarmies.

Knight of Takhisis - These fierce warriors choose follow the Dark Queen herself. The Knighthood was established by Arakian, son of Arakias, after being released from captivity by the Knights of Solamnia. When each Knight formally swears loyalty to Takhisis, she grants him a vision explaining that knight's role in her grand scheme. This Knighthood is also divided into 3 parts. Two parts are made of skilled fighters, and the last is made of renegade magic users that follow only her. This force is the greatest threat Krynn has ever faced.

Legion of Steel - This Knighthood is made up from Knights of Solamnia that grew tired of the political games the Knighthood has become. It also has members from the Knights of Takhisis that grew tired of serving such a dishonorable god. The members of this Knighthood believe in nothing but keeping everything just, honorable, and fair. They have no cares about what is good and what is evil. Note: The Legion of Steel only exists in 5th age DragonLance.

Barbarian- These are simple people who generally wish to live at peace with Mother Nature. However there are a few tribes that live for nothing except war. They are fierce fighters with a very strong sense of loyalty to those they call friends. So far those know to the people of Krynn are the tribes of the plains, desert, sea, and ice. There are rumors of other tribes but no one, as of yet, has been able to offer hard evidence.

The Thief's Class

Pick Pocket - These dexterous thieves have nimble fingers so quick that even the most protective Aristocrat will not notice when he has been relieved of his purse. These tricksters posses the slight of hand ability that caused many a fool to lose their money in simple games. Most of these thieves can be found in busy bars, markets, or inns. Most have practiced this trade for the simple reason of survival.

Burglar - These are talented thieves that have the ability to enter many places undetected. They have extremely keen observation skills that can be matched by few. Most burglars are found in large cities and belong to guilds. Some, however, are known to travel with others using their skills for other purposes besides personal gain.

Con-Artist- This simple thief is a very intelligent person. His cunning ways allow him to convince others of the truth of anything he says. The known schemes range from simply selling a piece of glass as jewry, to obtaining large payments from towns to protect it from threats that never existed.

Assassin - This is one of the most demanding and highly proficient jobs available. The assassin must posses the abilities of a burglar, a fighter, and a ranger. A truly skilled assassin is one of the most deadly of all people to encounter.

The Wizard's Class

Mage - One of the most powerful professions in all of Krynn. They mold all the magical energies that that gods gifted Krynn with upon its birth. Despite the hatred and fear of the population of Krynn, these wizards have survived. Most spend their lives in laboratories researching different magical spells, theories, and ideas. Preserving magic and ensuring its future is the primary mission of every Mage in all three of the Orders of Sorcery.

Specialist - A Specialist is a specific kind of magic-user. They are similar to Mages in that they devote their lives to studying magic. The fact that the choose, at most, three schools to study is the only difference between the two. This difference is limited due to the fact that they lack an understanding of magic outside of the schools they study. However, their knowledge in the schools they have chosen is far greater than what most Mages are capable of achieving.

Illusionist - This profession is even more limited than the Specialist. Normally magic-users who are unable to grasp or handle the power and teachings of higher sorcery take up this occupation. However, their are a few who love magic but due to traditional beliefs a magic-user may choose to be an Illusionist. This is normally the case for females in many tribes that have not been given any other purpose.

Magician - These false magic-users employ slight-of-the-hand techniques and trickery to earn wages. Most true magic-users hate these impersonators for the bad name they typically give to magic. A few Magicians are capable of casting low level minor spells which they only use when they have to convince their audiences of their "power".

The Priest's Class

Cleric - These faithful people are some of the most compelling one could meet. Most are very knowledgeable on many different subjects. Through these dedicated people, the 21 gods of Krynn dictate their wishes and carry out their work. Wars are fought, won, and los through these faithful worshipers.

Druid - These dedicated people thrive on life in the forest. The spend their lives protecting nature and assuring the proper cycles of life. Theses gifted people are able to shapechange at will and cast clerical spells. Like the clerics, Druids are responsible how Krynn functions. To challenge a Druid would literately be like taking on the whole world.

Shaman - This cleric is the religious leader of mainly barbarian tribes. Shamans, better known as witch-doctors, have limited spell casting powers. They are able to cure many illnesses using ancient lore and natural herbs. Shamans are second only to the chief. They are a key source that keeps a tribe together.

False Priest - These individuals are a specific example of a type of con-artist. They convince people to believe in a god of their choosing in order to further their own personal goals. Many followers have died needlessly for their cause. And many false priests have died when they have been discovered. This is another risky profession. To fool with anyones emotions and beliefs is asking for trouble.

Other Misc Classes

Bard - These keepers of music and lore are a great source for entertainment and knowledge. Without these traveling entertainers, old traditions and lore would soon die away. These intellegent fellows know more than just lore and entertainment. Many Bards are known for their superb magical, fighting, and thieving abilities. A seasoned Bard is another dangerous person to encounter. This class can however be a very dangerous profession because those Bards that practice magic are hunted down by the Orders of Sorcery as renegade Mages.

Sage - Teachers, scholars, men of knowledge is what keeps Krynn from staying in an eternal state of war. Their knowledge of past mistakes and reasoning to prevent future ones help maintain any and all times of peace this planet has enjoyed.

Pirate/Sailor - These men and women of the high seas are such exotic people to meet. Their personalities comprised from hundreds of different places all over Krynn make them very interesting and extremely dangerous. Most men of the sea are merely traveling merchants, but some are highly proficient fighters.

Wanderer/Adventurer - The people who fit in this category are restless souls. They wander the face of Krynn in search of some activity to give their lives an on going sense of excitement. Most adventures tend to be hyperactive and non-committal. Very few Adventures can stand to remain in one location for very long.

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