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LINKS! My page of various AD&D related links.


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Welcome friend to the Dragonlance campaign homepage courtesy of your ever faithful and dilligent DM, Chris White.

Below is a list of pages that contain some general information regarding the realm of DragonLance in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd ed.

General   AD&D   2nd   ed.      Information

The Armory The Armory has a listing of all basic (non magical) armor in my campaign. It also has the AC adjustment for all armor and information about all suits of armor as well.

Wild Mage The Wild Mage section contains information about the Wild Mage class.

Dark PaladinThe Dark Paladin section contains information about the Dark Paladin class.

Shinobi The Shinobi section will contain info on the Samurai subkit the Shinobi.

Note: This is NOT a DragonLance class. This is not an official class and was not created by TSR.

Alignment The section on Alignment will have info on how each alignment behaves. This section is perfect if you want to know how to play your characters alignment better.

DragonLance   4th   Age   Related   Information

The Temple Of The God's The Temple Of The God's conains information about the gods of DragonLance.

Quotes The Quotes page will have some of my fav quotes from the DragonLance novels. Check this page out some of the quotes are just hilarious!

The DragonLance poems A collection of DragonLance related poetry written by myself and other DragonLance fans.

The Kender of DragonLance This is a very extensive listing of all Kender related information, including the creation of the Kender, the entire history of the Kender, a listing of Kender holidays, info about other types of Kender and complete statistics of the Kender and more.

The classes of Krynn A complete listing of all playable classes on Krynn.

The River of Time This section chronicles the complete history of the DragonLance continent of Ansalon through all 5 ages from the creation of Krynn to the present time in the 5th age.

Wizards of High Sorcery This section contains information pertaining to Wizard's of High Sorcery, Renegade Wizards, and the infamous "Test of High Sorcery".

Knight's of Solamnia This section has information on Solamniac Knights, the most famed and hated knighthood on Krynn.

Krynn's famous personalities This long awaited section contains bios's of famous villains and hero's from Krynn's past. This section is still very incomplete but I will be adding more bio's constantly so check back soon!

Krynnish Calendar This section has the complete Krynnish Calendar.

Ansalon!! Upon entering this section you will find a map of the continent of Ansalon and a description of all major locations within the continent of Ansalon.

Taladas!! Within this section resides a map of the continent of Taladas and a description of the continent.

Chronicle of Taladas This section chronicles the complete history of the DragonLance continent of Taladas through all 5 ages from the creation of Krynn to the present time in the 5th age.

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