Wizards of High Sorcery

The Wizards' Code and Organization of the Conclave
The Test of High Sorcery
The Orders of High Sorcery
Renegade Magicians

One of the oldest orders on Krynn, the Orders of High Sorcery have at times been the most respected and most reviled institution upon Krynn. Since before the Cataclysm, magic-users have been looked upon with no small measure of mistrust, superstition, and fear.

Magic users on Krynn fall into one of two categories: Wizards of High Sorcery, and Renegades. These two types are described in further detail below.

The Wizards' Code and the Organization of the Conclave

All true wizards of Krynn abide by the following rules:
  1. All wizards are brothers in their order. All orders are brothers in the power.
  2. The places of High Wizardry are held in common among all orders and no sorcery is to be used there in anger against fellow wizards. Fighting among wizards within the Towers of High Sorcery is punishable by immediate death.
  3. The world beyond the walls of the towers may bring brother against brother and order against order, but such is the way of the universe.(**)

A wizard's only true loyalty is to magic. This is largely why magic has remained in Krynn, despite the efforts of society to eliminate it. Wizards of White and Black robes would not hesitate to kill one another if they were on opposing sides of a battle, but when they meet on the neutral ground of the Towers of High Sorcery, they would be likely to discuss magic and its workings. If magic was threatened, they would not hesitate to join forces against it.

There are many in Krynn who are happy enough to wield a small amount of magic to aid them in day to day use. Those who aspire to possess greater magical power must join one of the Orders of High Sorcery. The method by which initiates are inducted into the Orders is the infamous Test of High Sorcery.

The Conclave of Wizards is the ruling faction of the Wizards of High Sorcery. The Conclave is comprised of seven representatives from each of the orders, with the highest ranking mage in each order being the leader of his/her order. Ruling over all is the Master of the Conclave, largely acknowledged as the most powerful member of the Conclave (in most instances). Back to top of page
The Test of High Sorcery

Often referred to simply as "the Test," this is possibly a large part of the mistrust of wizardry in Krynn at the present time. To progress into an Order, an initiate is summoned to take their Test at the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth Forest. (The only other existing Tower is at Palanthas, and remains inaccessible due to the wishes of its present master, Raistlin Majere.) Once arriving at the elusive Tower at Wayreth (only those with an invitation are able to find it), the initiate undergoes the grueling Test. Each Test is designed for the individual wizard, and tests the wizard's knowledge of magic, their emotional and mental stability/maturity, and their physical strength. Failure of the Test results in death, a relatively common occurrance. Less than 20% of initiates pass the Test and less than 3% pass the test unscathed, most are forever changed by there experiences during the Test. Following completion of the Test, the initiate declares their alignment and are admitted into the White, Red, or Black order, depending on their declaration and their actions during the Test.
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Orders of High Sorcery

Each order of High Sorcery has a school of magic that only they can cast spells of that school greater than 3rd level.

White Robed Wizards have: Invocation/Exvocation

Red Robed Wizards have: Illusion

Black Robed Wizards have: Necromancy

Wizards of the White Robes

While White-These, obviously, are the good wizards. They are usually trusted, but are reguared with trepidation.

White robed wizards gain power slower than that of their brethren, but they ultimately gain the most power of any of the orders. A White Robe wizard must adhere to the laws and ways of good, keeping this goal in mind throughout all of his/her adventures.

Wizards of the Red Robes

These are the neutral wizards. These guys aren't trusted at all, since one never knows which way they'll go.

Red-robed wizards gain power more quickly than their White-robed brethren, but more slowly than those of the Black Robes. Red-robed wizards have access to a greater variety of spells than any other order. A Red-robed wizard continually strives for a balance between all types of magic.

Wizards of the Black Robes

And these are the evil guys. They are feared and avoided at all costs.

Due to their nature and code of "Anything for the sake of the Magic," Black-robed wizards gain power more quickly than any other order. Unfortunately, this often results in a greatly reduced life-span.
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Renegade Wizards

Renegade wizards are those that willingly shun the Orders of High Sorcery and choose to operate by their own methods. Renegade wizards are invariably viewed as a threat to the balance of magic, and are hunted without mercy. Each order has their own method of dealing with renegades...all of which are equally effective. If the renegade refuses to cooperate, they can expect to meet a rather untimely end at the hands of members of the Conclave.

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