The River of Time

This section chronicles the history of DragonLance through all 5 ages.

The 5 ages of DragonLance are as follows---

1st age: The Age Of Starbirth

2nd age: The Age Of Dreams

3rd age: The Age Of Might

4th age: The Age Of Dispair

5th age: The Age Of Mortals

Note: My campaigns are set strictly during DragonLance 4th age.

The River of Time

The DRAGONLANCE® world-as well as its history and the characters within it-is always expanding and growing. Here are some of the key events, ages, and birthdates of characters who have played key roles in the Saga to date.

The Age Of Starbirth (1st age DragonLance)

Before the Beginning, there is Chaos. Then, out of the Chaos comes thought and being-the High God.The plans for a new realm were drawn, and this tome was called the Tobril.

The High God called into the Beyond, and two beings answered. These lesser gods sought power in the chaos. The king and queen of dragons, of light and darkness, put aside their struggle to create a new place for them.

Out of chaos & time, the High God summoned a third god, the greatest sage, Gilean. The Tobril was gifted upon Gilean, and the High God departed.

Paladine and Takhisis answer the High God's call, and Gilean serves the Balance between Good and Evil. The three gods summoned helpers. Other, lesser gods game, the greatest of which was Reorx. Spoke he, "Give of yourself and I will tame the chaos." From the essence of the gods, Reorx forged a mighty hammer with which he smote the chaos, slowing it and creating stars.

Reorx then shapes the great globe of Krynn and separated the lands and sea, light and dark, heavens and earth. A sun to light it. The gods gifted the world, each to his own, with plants and trees, creatures to life upon the land, seasons, weather and beauty.

Together Paladine & Takhisis guided the hand of Reorx and gave birth to the made five rulers of the world. These metallic dragons became one with the world, but the Drak Queen corrupts them. Grief-stricken Paladine mournes the loss of his children, so he turned to Reorx for help. He forged five monuments to the lost dragons, made of the most precious metals, which Paladine breathed life into.

The world itself made war upon Takhisis's treacheries. Chaos threatened to un make the world which had been created. Seeing the destruction, the gods withdrew from the world to planes of light, darkness and shadow, where they remained for countless eons while their children were born.

In the ensuing silence, the sound of chimes came from the stars, living beings which shone as pieces of the gods. The gods coveted these countless spirits.

Battle erupts in the heavens over how the stars should be divided and ruled--whether they should be nurtured, controlled or given their own free will. The winds, waves, frost & fire wreak havoc on Krynn.

The High God returns and decrees that each family of Gods may give the spirits one gift, then leave them alone. The gods of light give them physical bodies to master the world; the gods of darkness curse them with mortality and the gods of neutrality give them free will.

The gods fashion the peoples of the land. The gods of good create the slender elves, who shape the world to their will over the spans of their very long lives. The gods of evil shape ogres with their own stone-cold beauty, desiring order and obedience. The gods of neutrality create humans, short-lived people with the greatest potential to change Krynn. The High God also forms other children of Krynn to protect the beasts of Krynn and the land-centaurs, satyrs, pegasi, griffins, unicorns and chimera.

To seal the divine agreement to never war upon Krynn again, each family of gods creates a child to bless the world with magic. Krynn's three moons are created: Solinari, the white moon, presides over quiet, constructive magic. Lunitari, the red moon, governs illusion magic. And Nuitari, the black moon, controls the magic of destruction and domination.

The Age of Dreams (2nd age DragonLance)

Dates are referenced by Pre Cataclian reckoning, meaning "Pre-Cataclysm."

The Foundation Time

9000-8500PC: Choosing Homes

Ogres, first to awaken claim the mountains for their home. Elves move into the forests, leaving the humans with the plains, where they are battered by the elements, becoming savages.

8500-5000PC: Birth Of Civilization

Ogres enslave the humans to build their civilization while the Elves watch civilization form.

8700PC: The Chosen of Reorx

Reorx chooses a group of humans to take to a northern land where they are safe from war, where he teaches them the ways of the smithy.

6320-5980PC: Heresy of Igraine

Inspecting one of his mines, a governor named Igraine is almost killed by a cave-in. He orders the mine sealed, trapping his daughter inside. A human saves his daughter, which teaches Igraine compassion. He sentences the human to death, but does not carry out the sentence, and gives his human slaves more freedom. Other ogres learn of his heresy, they chase him out of the realm. Eadamm, the savior of Igraine's daughter, leads the humans in revolt and covers Igraine's escape. Igraine's followers become known as the Irda and vanish from the continent.

6000-5000PC: Decline Of Ogres

As ogres embrace cruelty, humans rise up to slay their masters. Ogre civilization falls.

5000-3000PC: Elves Ascendant

Elves look to build their own civilization in the forests. They settle on an island in central Silvanesti forest, already home to the chromatic dragons.

The Time of Light

4000PC: House Of Silvanos Opens

Elf leader Silvanos, creates the Sinthal-Elish (Council of High Ones). He tells the elven assembly that they can create a civilization like the ogres' but without all the evils. Many houses of elves swear allegiance to him to protect themselves from the human barbarians. Elves, under Silvanos, prepare for war against the dragons. Balif, of an important elven family, becomes Silvanos's lieutenant in the coming war on the dragons.

4000PC: Reorx angered

Reorx becomes angered at his chosen ones who have become too prideful. He curses them to spend their lives tinkering and shapes them into a short people--the birth of the gnomes.

3500-3350PC: First Dragon War

The dragons refuse to leave the elves' chosen land. The gods of magic send three mages to give the elves five dragon stones with which to capture the dragons' spirits. The defeated dragons' bodies turn to stone, and their essences, entombed in dragon stones, are dropped into a bottomless pit in the Khalkist Mountains by the elves. The 3 gods of magic are exiled from Krynn for interfering.

3500-3350 PC: Graystone Forged

The gods of magic convince Hiddukel to help them return to Krynn. Hiddukel speaks to Chislev, who in turn talks Reorx into forming the Graystone, which is set on the moon of Lunitari. The gods of magic fill the stone with their essences.

3350 PC: Building of Silvanesti

At the second Sinthal-Elish, the kingdom of Silvanesti is created, and the families receive lands. Meanwhile, the gods of magic reenter the world through the Graystone.

3350PC: Graystone Returns

The gods of magic, with the help of Hiddukel and Reorx, trick one of the Chosen Ones, Milgas Kadwar, into climbing up to Lunitari and stealing the Graystone from its hiding place. Milgas drops the stone onto Krynn, and so magic returned to the world

3100 PC: Magic Returns

The Graystone releases chaotic magic into the world; Reorx orders his Chosen to retrieve it. The populace, terrified of the stone, threaten to kill the Chosen Ones, but the Graystone transformed them into Scions: golden-eyed, silver-bearded masters of wild magic

3100-2900PC: Kal Thax Built

The Scions urge the remainder of the Chosen Ones to venture south, back to Ansalon. Many of the Chosen Ones die; the survivors throw all but thirteen Scions into the sea. The Scions spared by the Chosen Ones set sail, never to return. The Chosen Ones hide in the limestone caves along bluffs, but their craft fails them here. The caves were later named Kal Thax. They receive a vision from Reorx, convincing them to leave their caves and find the Graystone.

3051PC: Graystone of Gargath

A human named Gargath captures the Graystone, using two stones given him by Zivilyn. He recruits mercenaries to defend his prize. The Chosen Ones contact Gargath and demand the gem, and lay siege to the tower with the help of Elves. The war machines of the Chosen Ones dislodged the god-gems and released the Graystone. The Graystone, now freed, transforms all those at the tower to reflect their natural inclinations, and the races of minotaurs, kender, dwarves and goblins are created. The Graystone escapes to the west, where it is pursued by the gnomes to Sancrist, where they settle. As it passes the oceans, the Graystone forms elven fishermen into the Dimernesti and elven sea merchants into the Dargonesti.

2900-2700PC: Thorin Delved

To escape the Graystone, the dwarves make underground homes. They leave Kal-Thax, where the thane of the Calnar travels south to the Khalkist Mountains, where he names their new home Thorin (New Hope).

2900-2700 PC: Scions Land

The remaining Scions land once again on Ansalon and council the peoples changed by the Graystone in the disciplines of wild magic.

2750 PC: Balif Dies

The kender hero Balif, a close friend of Silvanos, dies. Balif, who might have been present at the siege of Castle Gargath, founded the kender nation in Balifor.

2710PC: 2710 PC: Dragon Stones Discovered

The Calnar dwarves discover the dragon stones while delving Thorin. They bring the magical stones to the surface of Krynn.

2690-2645 PC: Second Dragon War

Takhisis' followers recover the dragon stones, release the spirits contained within, and reunite them with their stony forms. The dragons attack Silvanesti with armies of bakali. Three elf mages and a Scion order the ground to swallow the dragons--it does so, but thousands die as a result of the uncontrollable magic. The three mages, hiding in a tower, petition the gods of magic to help them. The gods transport the tower into the Beyond, where it becomes the Lost Citadel. The gods of magic fling the five dragon stones into the sky, where they become the heads of Takhisis' five-headed dragon. Silvanesti closes its borders to repair itself.

2645-2550 PC: Magic Defends Itself

The gods of magic help Ansalon's magic users hide for a century in the wilderness, where they are trained in the ways of magic. The three lost mages create laws to govern the three Orders of Magic. They return to Krynn and guide the other mages in building the five Towers of High Sorcery.

2645-2550 PC: Thorin Closed

The dwarves seal their "New Hope" for causing the Second Dragon War. They seal their doors to the world.

2600 PC: The Rise of Ergoth

Barbarian chieftain Ackal Ergot unites the Khalkist human tribes into a kingdom named Ergoth, founded with treasure from plundered ogre cities. He absorbs plains tribes into his nation if they will yield or destroys them if they will not. Ergoth's borders expand from the Kharolis Mountains in the south to the northern shore of Ansalon, halting only with the death of Ackal Ergot.

2600 PC: Hylo Founded

The second kender nation (sometimes called Highlo) is founded when a family of kender are trapped in the first floating citadel (one design for the Towers of High Sorcery) after it crashes into the Sentinel Mountains.

2500-2200 PC: Ergoth Dominant

Emperor Ackal Dermount expands Ergoth's borders and annexes Hylo in 2200. Trade begins with Silvanesti; some elves and humans marry and the first half-elves are born.

2500-2200 PC: Gully Dwarves Arise

The Aghar race of dwarves appear and are outcast by dwarvenkind.

2515 PC: Death of Silvanos

Silvanos dies and his body is placed in a crystal tomb. Sithel, his son, assumes the throne and orders the construction of the Palace of Quinari. Sithel does not have the patience of Silvanos, and so begins the elves' rejection of the other races of the world. Tensions along the Silvanesti-Ergothian border increase.

2150-2000 PC: Thorbardin Delved

Hylar dwarves migrate from Thorin to Thorbardin, in the southern Kharolis Mountains, near the supposed site of Kal-Thax. They meet the warring thanes of the Daewar, Daergar and Theiwar, and build a new kingdom under the mountain. Active trading with Ergoth is established. Thorbardin ("Best New Hope"), replaces the declining kingdom of Thorin, which is now known as Thoradin ("Lost Hope").

2308 PC: Royal Twins Born to the Elves

Nirakina, Sithel's wife, gives birth to Sithas and Kith-Kanan, twin sons.

2192-2140 PC: Kinslayer War

En route to sign a peace agreement, Sithel is slain while hunting in the presence of both Kith-Kanan and Sithas. Sithas becomes the Speaker of the Stars(Speaker of the Stars: Silvanesti King), naming Kith-Kanan his general and declaring war on Ergoth. Ergothians, under General Giarna, resist the elves attempts to drive them from the borders of Silvanesti, while half-elves are forced to take sides. The battles are stopped for short times by starvation and wild storms. Kith-Kanan marries Suzine des Quevalin, a human relative of Ember Quevalin V of Ergoth, greatly angering Sithas. The forty year Siege of Sithelbec, which eventually destroys the elven city, is broken only when Suzine attempts to assassinate her former lover, General Giarna. He proves himself to be invulnerable to attack, she slays herself, causing both sides to be ravaged by fierce winds and fire storms, killing thousands. The elves and humans, negotiate a truce after being judged by the gods in such a way.

2140-2100 PC: Elf Lands Sundered

Kith-Kanan's followers, the Western elves, move for social change. Sithas grants Kith-Kanan land to the west, where he and his Wildrunners may create their own kingdom.

2128-2073 PC: War of the Mountain

Thorbardin and Ergoth war over mineral rights on the borders of their two nations.

2073 PC: Swordsheath Scroll

Kith-Kanan negotiates the signing of the Swordsheath Scroll, a peace treaty between the elves, dwarves and Ergoth. A forest between dwarves and humans in the west, renamed Qualinesti, is given to Kith-Kanan and his followers. Ergoth stops mining the Kharolis Mountains, and dwarves relax their trade restrictions under their first king, Derkin Lawgiver.

2072 PC: The Hammer of Kharas

Dwarves from Thorbardin make a hammer in the image of the Hammer of Reorx, presenting it to Ergoth as a peace offering. The hammer is passed from nation to nation annually, reinforcing the peace agreement between them. Many years later, this hammer will forge the legendary Dragonlance of Huma Dragonbane. Eventually, it will be known as the Hammer of Kharas, a hero of the Dwarfgate War who protested the bloodshed and takes the Hammer from Thorbardin with the prophecy that only a righteous leader can reclaim it to reunite the divided dwarven thanedoms.

2050-2030 PC: The Great March

Western elves migrate from Silvanesti to Qualinesti, their new home.

2009 PC: Thoradin is Lost

Thoradin vanishes inexplicably--whether from a black flame which caused their deaths or from an earthquake which sealed the gates, none can be certain.

The Time of Knights

2000-1900 PC: Pax Tharkas

All nations prosper. Kith-Kanan convinces the elves, dwarves and humans to erect Pax Tharkas as a token of peace among the nations.

1900-1750 PC: Rebellion Comes

A military coup ends the just rule of Quevalin line of Ergoth, placing Emperor Macqui Hellmann on the throne. He and his successors exploit Ergoth's resources to the point where the East and North revolt, but without success.

1812 PC: Solamnus Promoted

Vinas Solamnus becomes Praetor, or head general, and commands all the guards in Ergoth's capital city.

1801 PC: Great Uprising

Solamnus marches east with an immense army to crush a rebellion in the Vingaard. He wins the initial battles.

1800 PC: Year of Waiting

While examining the Vingaard rebels' motivations for revolt, he and most of his forces join the rebels in their cause.

1799-1791 PC: The Rose Rebellion

Territories of Eastern Ergoth join Solamnus, who trains his army in secret and defeats imperial forces. He marches to Daltigoth in 1791, outmaneuvering Ergoth's forces and laying siege to the city for the duration of the winter. In the spring, Emperor Emann Quisling grants independence to his subservient states. The majority of the western provinces remain loyal to the crown, but the northeastern states and Hylo declare independence and name Solamnus their leader. Solamnus signs the Swordsheath Scroll.

1775 PC: The Knights of Solamnia

During his quest, Solamnus receives a vision from Paladine, Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk. He founds an Order of Knights to become the guardians of the world. The Knights of the Crown, Sword and Rose will fight for the cause of Good for the duration of their existence.

1750-1300 PC: The Birth of Nations

Sancrist, Solamnia and Istar rise, as well as the cities of Palanthas, Caergoth and Lemish. Solamnia prospers as Ergoth declines, and Silvanesti withdraws into its borders.

1600-1560 PC: Minotaur Dynasty

Ambeoutin, the minotaur hero, founds a nation of brutal honor in the northeastern part of Ansalon. Upon his death, his sons, Mithas and Kothas, divide the kingdom in two.

1480 PC: Istar Grows In Power

Istar becomes the center for world trade, while Solamnia remains the military power.

1399-1010 PC: The Dark Queen Plots

Takhisis calls on the bakali to seed the mines of Thorbardin with dragon eggs. Miners find these "rare crystals" and sell them to merchants, who are devoured when the dragons hatch. Dragons return to Krynn.

1060-1018 PC: Third Dragon War

Scores of mature dragons, aided by bakali, ogre and minotaur ground troops, attack Ansalon. They conquer many small kingdoms, eventually turning their attention to Solamnia and Vingaard Keep, the Knights' stronghold. The forces seem evenly matched for a time. Mages of the Orders of High Sorcery (including Fistandantilus) unite at the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, where they create the Dragon Orbs on the Night of the Eye. The orbs are imbued with a shadow spirit which calls the dragons to their doom.

1018 PC: Huma Dragonbane

Solamnic Knight of the Crown Huma Dragonbane falls in love with one of the Knights' healers, Gwynneth--the silver dragon, Heart. Paladine leads the pair to the Dragon Mountain where they discover the Dragonlances, forged with the Hammer of Kharas. These lances inflict heavy losses on the chromatic dragons and their armies. Using his slain friend Magius's staff, Huma destroys renegade mage Galan Dracos but not before he is able to bring the Dark Queen into the world. Huma and Gwynneth injure Takhisis with the Dragonlance in the final battle; she swears upon the High God to retreat from the world with her dragons if someone will only remove the lance. Kaz, Huma's minotaur companion removes the lance from Takhisis and she and her dragons depart from the world; however, both Huma and Gwynneth die in the battle.

The Age of Might (3rd age DragonLance)

Dates are referenced by Pre Cataclian reckoning, meaning "Pre-Cataclysm."

1000-800 PC: Istar Dominant

Istar remains untouched by the Dragon War's ravages. Its trade standards now have become the de facto standard throughout the world.

1000-800 PC: Resurgence of Thoradin

Dwarves of Thorbardin reopen Thoradin and rid the city of the occupying ogres. Its proximity to Istar makes it a major manufacturing center.

1000 PC: Kender Treaty

Hylo allies with Solamnia.

980 PC: Thorbardin Opens Kayolin

Solamnia grants the dwarves mining rights in the Garnet Mountains, where dwarves found the kingdom of Kayolin and the city of Garnet.

967 PC: The Life Tree of the Hylar

The Hylar of Thorbardin begin delving the city of Zakhalax (also known as the Life Tree). Built inside of a stalagmite over the underground Urkhan Sea, the magnificent city is accessible only by boat.

948 PC: Hill Dwarves Rise

Thorbardin founds Hillow, an outlying community where the thanedom of Neidar live.

940 PC: Elves Withdraw

Silvanesti and Qualinesti become increasingly more isolationist.

910-825 PC: The Ogre Wars

Ogres expunged from the delvings at Thoradin unite to overthrow the dwarves, who appeal to the Knights of Solamnia for assistance.

850-727 PC: Trade Wars

Istar's trade standards anger the kender of Balifor, who begin a trade war with Istar. After years of failed legal and military actions against the kender, the Istarians sign the Kendermeld which exempts them from the standards.

673-630 PC: Istar and Elves Clash

Istar's expansion threatens Silvanesti's sea-going merchants, leading to the blockade of Istar. The Istarians appeal to Solamnia, which convinces the elves to allow Istar to sign the Swordsheath Scroll in the Elfmeld.

530-522 Kernen Skirmishes

Ogres from the Khalkist nation of Kernen threaten major trade routes, but Thoradin, Istar and Solamnia drive them back. Thoradin signs the Swordsheath Scroll, as well as the Dwarfmeld which is an exclusive trade agreement with Istar.

490-476 PC: Raiders/Greatmeld

Barbarians from Khur, Nordmaar and Estwilde raid Istarian trade caravans. Istar convinces Solamnia to attack the barbarians and then resign the Swordsheath Scroll.

460-280 PC: Peace in the Land

Istar, the center for commerce, tax and art rules all of Ansalon. <> 280 PC: World Righteousness

Claiming to be the moral and religious center of the world, Istar installs the Kingpriest. In their 'superiority,' the Istarians get caught up in the affairs of the world instead to those of the spirit and repeat the error of the ancient ogres: they suppress the individual in favor of the good of the corrupt priesthood. Silvanesti grows antagonistic towards Istar.

260-212 PC: The Temple of Istar

The Temple of Istar is erected by the world's finest craftsmen.

250-100 PC: The Corruption of Justice

Istar represses anyone who does not agree with their ideals. Elves withdraw into their forests.

118 PC: Manifest Virtue

The Kingpriest declares Evil an affront to gods & mortals. Anyone guilty of commiting a crime on his list of Evil acts, known as the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue, face confiscation of property and slavery or execution. Istarian priests begin losing their clerical magic as they become enforcers of corrupt laws rather than followers of the gods.

94 PC: Extermination of Evil Races

An addition to the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue by the Kingpriest makes it an offense to be an inherently evil creature and bounty hunter receive high bounties for members of these races.

80-20 PC: Istar's Clergy Dominant

All aspects of everyday life require the approval of the priesthood. Wizards, considered to be ungodly, are hunted. Priests of Istar lose all of their clerical abilities.

41 PC: The Turning Point

The Kingpriest begins plotting his ascent to godhood.

19 PC: A Siege on Sorcery

Encouraged by the Kingpriest, the people lay siege to the Towers of High Sorcery. The Towers in Daltigoth and the Ruins are almost occupied, but are destroyed causing no small amount of destruction. The Kingpriest grants safe exile to the mages if they leave the remaining Towers intact. The Tower in Palanthas is cursed by a Black Robe who flings himself off the ramparts, impaling himself on the silvery gates declaring that none shall occupy the Tower until the "Master of the Past and the Present" returns(Raistlin Majere was later discovered to be the Master of Past and Presant about --- yrs later). The Kingpriest of Istar claims the Tower of Istar as his home, while the Tower at Wayreth remains with the wizards.

6 PC: Edict of Thought Control

The Kingpriest decrees that evil thoughts equate evil deeds. Priests use renegade mages to read people's thoughts; a reign of terror ensues.

1 PC: The Last Days

The Kingpriest wishes godhood for himself and to order the gods to do his bidding. On the Eve of Yule (the Night of Doom), all true clerics are taken from Krynn. Solamnic Knight Lord Soth is given the opportunity to prevent the coming doom, but does not complete his quest.

0: The Cataclysm

A fiery mountain is launched upon Istar, driving it to the depths of the newly created Blood Sea. The Temple of the Kingpriest itself is transported to the Abyss. Ergoth is split from the main continent and into two islands; central Ansalon is flooded created New Sea; the seaport of Tarsis in the south is stranded in the center of what will become known as the Plains of Dust. Balifor is inundated with water, which recedes creating a desert. All creatures hide in mortal terror.

Signs of the Cataclysm

1. The gods shall withdraw their hands from the world, and man shall face his doom alone.

2. The sky shall lament and beat the earth with its tears and cries of anguish.

3. Fear shall visit the land.

4. Light shall be devoured. Hope shall flee.

5. Darkness and despair shall be rekindled.

6. The flame shall die on the hearth.

7. The plains will be cleansed.

8. Brother shall turn against brother.

9. Knowledge shall be veiled.

10. Our children will bleed for our sins.

11. Nature shall turn against man in outrage.

12. The bounty shall end, and the blood of the land will wash the blot from the earth.

13. Finally, the very earth shall awaken!

Signs Visited Upon Krynn

1. The sky turned a sickly green; a cyclone pelted the city of Istar with a rain of marble for a week, destroying part of the Temple of Istar.

2. A pall spread over Balifor and Hylo, sending the fearless kender cowering in terror.

3. The sky at night was black as Nuitari, and extinguished the bright candles of Lunitari and Solinari.

4. The black flame--destroyer of life--awakened once again in the halls of Thoradin.

5. Firewood in Solamnia failed to light in the hearth.

6. Brush fires raged across the plains of Abanasinia.

7. Lord Soth broke from the Solamnic Knights, who pursued, laying siege to Dargaard Keep.

8. A white mist made it impossible for the scribes at the Great Library in Palanthas unable to see their work.

9. The trees of Silvanesti wept blood.

10. Herds of animals rampaged across Qualinesti.

11. Red tides washed through the streets of northern ports; no fish were caught.

12. The Lords of Doom near Sanction in the Khalkist Mountains and many other dormant volcanoes rained fire upon the land.

The Age of Despair (4th age DragonLance)

Dates are referenced by Alt-Cataclian reckoning-after the Cataclysm.

The Time of Darkness

1-300 AC: Shadow Years

The Dark Ages of Krynn. Knights of Solamnia are persecuted for not saving Krynn from the Cataclysm, Thoradin's population become the Zhakar dwarves, and the Seeker Movement for the new gods begins.

3-140 AC: Dark Queen Finds Istar

Takhisis finds the Temple of the Kingpriest of Istar in the Abyss.

39 AC: The Dwarfgate War

Humans and dwarves outside of Xak Tsaroth move to Thorbardin, seeking refuge there; however the gates are barred. From his fortress at Zhaman, Fistandantilus organizes the refugees into an army and attacks Thorbardin. He unleashes four great spells, killing many dwarves, humans and himself, as well as causing Zhaman to collapse, creating the Skullcap.

141 AC: The Stone Is Planted

The Foundation Stone of the Temple of Istar is planted outside of Neraka, where it eventually forms the Temple, perverted by evil.

142-152 AC: Dragons Awaken

The chromatic dragons of Takhisis awaken.

157 AC: Berem Finds the Stone

Berem and his sister find the Foundation Stone. After prying a green gem loose against his sister's wishes, Berem throws Jasla down and she dies upon striking the stone. Berem flees. Jasla's essence becomes the part of the Stone which Berem removed, while the green gem embeds itself in Berem's chest. He is known henceforth as Berem Everman.

210 AC: The Gate Is Barred

Takhisis can no longer use the Foundation Stone as a gate into the world, as it is incomplete. She becomes aware of Berem.

287 AC: Egg Theft

Evil dragons raid the Good dragons' eggs, hiding them beneath the Lords of Doom, near Sanction.

296 AC: The Dragons' Oath

The Good dragons awaken to Takhisis' promises of not harming the eggs if they do not act in the coming war. They agree.

300-320 AC: Agents of Evil

Minions of the Dark Queen search for Berem, who ultimately ends up in a dungeon in Thorbardin, sustained beyond his normal life-span by the stone.

332-340 AC: Dragon Highlords

Evil dragons ally with Dragon Highlords. Through a ceremony, the dragon becomes the Highlord's bonded mount. Highlords seem as willing to torture their own forces as the peoples which they will conquer.

337 AC: Neraka Corrupts its Neighbors

Evil seeping from the Stone in Neraka corrupts the creatures of the Estwilde, who become her reserve army. Sanction is taken, and becomes Takhisis' major port.

341 AC: The Dragonarmies' Offer

An alliance is offered to Kern, Khur, Blode & the Pirate Isles. They accept, knowing they cannot refuse.

342 AC: Draconians Created

Priests of Takhisis allied with Black Robe mages create draconians by corrupting the Good dragons' eggs. Each egg spawns many draconians.

343-347 AC: Evil Gathers Its Forces

Takhisis' generals train an army of hobgoblins, ogres, rogue humans and goblins. Internal violence eliminates the weak.

346 AC: The Companions' Journeys

The (future) Heroes of the Lance begin separate journeys to search for signs of the lost gods and the evil spreading in the world.

348 AC: War of the Lance Begins

Spring. The Dragonarmies invade Nordmaar and Balifor from Sanction; Silvanesti makes an agreement with emissaries of the Highlords who agree not to attack the elves.

349 AC: Silvanesti Betrayed

A "routine patrol" of Dragonarmies attacks the northern border of the forest; losses are heavy on both sides. The elves lure the Dragonarmies into ambush, then retreat to Silvanost. Speaker of the Stars, Lorac Caladon, is enchanted by the Dragon Orb of Istar (saved from the Cataclysm by the elf), and Lorac orders Silvanesti's evacuation. The elves leave for Ergoth, and when Lorac attempts to use the Orb on the invading Dragonarmies, it instead corrupts the forest. The Dragonarmies retreat.

350 AC: Evil Rearms Itself

Dragonarmies rebuild their forces from conquered evil peoples in Eastern Ansalon, which Takhisis controls.

351 AC: Evil Turns West

Spring. Skirmishes begin along Solamnia's eastern border. The Blue Dragonarmy occupies Dargaard Keep, as well as Kalaman, Hinterlund and Nightlund. Lemish allows the dragonarmies through, but they are opposed by the dwarves of Kayolin. The following autumn, Solamnic Knights respond and the Solamnic border becomes a battleground. The Red Dragonarmy invades New Sea and Abanasinia, destroying the barbarian tribes there. Qualinesti is deserted, and the Northgate of Thorbardin is rendered under siege. A wing of the Blue Dragonarmy invades Tarsis and the Plains of Dust as well, to cut off Thorbardin's possible retreat.

The Heroes of the Lance reunite at the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, where they meet Riverwind and Goldmoon, guardians of the Blue Crystal staff of Mishakal (a sign that the true gods have returned), and free their people who are imprisoned in Pax Tharkas. They then flee south toward Thorbardin.

352 AC: The Whitestone Council

Representatives of surviving nations gather on Sancrist to forge an alliance to combat the Dragonarmies. The Companions discover the Dragonlances and the new allies begin forging them under the leadership of Laurana, the Golden General (daughter of Solostaran, Speaker of the Suns). That spring, the Blue Dragonarmy attacks the High Clerist's Tower, but are repelled by the Knights and the Dragonlances; however, Sturm Brightblade dies in the battle. Knights discover the process used to corrupt the Good dragon eggs at Sanction; with the help of a silver and a copper dragon, they rescue some eggs and persuade the Good dragons to join the war.

The Whitestone armies retake Kalaman, despite the flying castles used by the dragonarmies. The Golden General marches across the Estwilde and assaults Neraka; Lord Ariakan, son of Ariakas, Emperor of Ansalon, is taken prisoner. The Heroes of the Lance and Berem Everman journey to Neraka; Flint Fireforge dies during the journey. Berem and Jasla are reunited; the Temple collapses when Jasla's spirit leaves the Foundation Stone and Takhisis' gate into the world disappears. The dragonarmies collapse, fighting over the Crown of Rulership, dropped by Ariakas when slain by Tanis Half-Elven.

353 AC: The War of the Lance Ends

The Dark Queen's armies flee to remote corners of Ansalon. Dragons retreat.

353 AC: Draconian Activity

A group of draconians steal good dragon eggs before the end of Neraka and flee south.

353-357 AC: Harrying the Foe

Whitestone forces systematically eliminate all; remnants of the Dragonarmies.

355 AC: The Knighthood Evolves

Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan becomes Grand Master, ordering a revision of the Measure.

356 AC: Master of Past and Present

Caramon and Raistlin Majere journey into pre-Cataclysm Krynn with Lady Crysania and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Raistlin kills Fistandantilus, inhabiting his body. The four travel forward in time to the time of the Dwarfgate war, from where Raistlin and Crysania enter the Abyss so that he may attempt to defeat the Dark Queen. Caramon and Tas time travel to a desolate Krynn, one with an hourglass constellation in place of a five-headed dragon in the sky.... they realize that is the future of Krynn if Raistlin defeats Tackhisis, Raistlin will become a god in Tackhisis place and proceed to destroy all life on Krynn. They travel back to their own time, arriving in Palanthas.

357 AC: The Blue Lady's War

Kitiara Uth Matar, half brother of Raistlin and Caramon Majere, attacks Palanthas with the help of Lord Soth. Kitiara is slain by Dalamar the Dark in the laboratory of the Tower of High Sorcery there; Caramon enters the Abyss through the Portal, saving Crysania and telling Raistlin what will happen if he succeeds in defeating the Dark Queen. Raistlin gives his brother the Staff of Magius and seals the Portal trapping himself and the Dark Queen inside, and sealing himself to an eternity of torture by Tackhisis. Caramon and Crysania escape.

357 AC: Ariakan Goes Free

Solamnic Knights release Lord Ariakan from captivity. Ariakan receives a vision from Takhisis, after which he forms the Knights of Takhisis.

360 AC: Que-Shu Rises Again

Goldmoon and Riverwind rebuild their home, destroyed in the War of the Lance.

362 AC: A Union of Elves Silvanesti princess Ahlana Starbreeze and the Speaker of the Suns, Porthios of House Solostaran, are married to unite the elven nations.

370 AC: Knights of Takhisis Born

First Knights are initiated formally in the Order. They each receive a Vision from the Dark Queen.

378 AC: A Journey of Honor

Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon Majere journey to Storm's Keep, stronghold of the Knights of Takhisis. They confront Steel Brightblade, bastard son of Kitiara Uth Matar and Sturm Brightblade, and bring him to the High Clerist's tower where he is given the Brightblade and a Starjewel by his father's spirit. Steel returns to the Knights of Takhisis and the Knights of Solamnia, the Temple of Paladine and the Conclave are warned of their existence, but few take notice.

380 AC: United Plainsmen

The scattered tribes of Abanasinia unite under the rule of Riverwind and Goldmoon.

381 AC: Mages Storm the Keep

A group of wizards of the Conclave, led by Justarius (the Red Robed Master of the Conclave) invade Storm's Keep. Few, Justarius included as one of the unlucky, survive. Dalamar the Dark, Raistlin's apprentice, becomes Master.

382 AC: Elven Succession

Porthios ends the Nightmare of Silvanesti after twenty years of effort; Gilthas, son of Laurana and Tanis Half-Elven, succeeds the Qualinesti throne through a coup organized by elder Qualinesti senators. Porthios and the pregnant Ahlana flee, becoming dark elves.

382 AC: Changes in the Knighthood

Gunthar Uth Wistan, Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, retires. Sir Thomas of Thelgaard takes over control of the High Clerist's Tower. Tanin and Sturm Majere, sons of Tika and Caramon, become knights.


383 AC: The Summer of Chaos

The Irda break open the Graygem, release Chaos, Father of All and Nothing. He destroys their island and threatens the world. Steel Brightblade, Knight of Takhisis, escorts the White Robed Palin Majere, nephew of Raistlin Majere, to the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas to open the Portal and allow the Dark Queen access to the world. Raistlin draws Palin into the Abyss where they witness the gods arguing about how to defeat Chaos. Raistlin leaves the Abyss with Palin, but without his magic.

Dark Knights have begun to attack Ansalon; they capture Kalaman, march to Neraka and strengthen their forces there. They conquer the High Clerist's Tower, capture Palanthas and restrict all wizards to the Towers of High Sorcery.

Inside the month, they rule Southern Ergoth, Qualinesti, the Plains of Dust and parts of Solamnia and Abanasinia. Northern Ergoth, Silvanesti and Thorbardin manage to remain independent; Mount Nevermind erupts through the gnomes 'invention' of a machine to destroy the Knights of Takhisis.

0: The Second Cataclysm

Just before the Dark Knights solidify their clamp on Ansalon, Chaos' minions attack. Thorbardin is attacked from within; Elves and ogres fight together to protect Blödehelm-Silvanesti. The Vingaard Mountains erupt. In the Turbidus Ocean a rift erupts between the Irda's former home, the Dragon Isles, and Ansalon. Minions of chaos erupt from the rift and attack Nordmaar, Estwilde, the Northern Wastes and the Plains of Solamnia. The ocean boils.

Chaos' forces strike the High Clerist's Tower. Chromatic and metallic dragons fight alongside the Knights of Takhisis; all mortals in the battle are destroyed. Takhisis leaves Krynn. Steel Brightblade and his unit are spared, as they were being held in reserve, as well as the Solamnic prisoners. Palin Majere, Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Usha, Child of the Irda, assist Reorx in reclaiming the Graygem. The three mortals join the force of surviving Knights in the final battle against Chaos. While Chaos is distracted by the efforts of the surviving Knights of Takhisis on Blue dragons, and the Knights of Solamnia on Silver dragons, Palin casts a spell from Magius' spellbook, allowing Tasslehoff time to stab Chaos and Usha to catch a drop of blood in the Graygem.

Palin, Usha and Steel find themselves outside Solace, the only survivors of the battle. Steel dies of wounds. Paladine appears as Fizban, declaring that magic has left Krynn (as have Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari). The Age of Mortals shall begin, where people will once again need to discover their own magic. Raistlin announces that he will depart the world with the gods.

The night sky of Krynn now holds but one moon and new stars formed by the explosion of the Graygem. Islands name the Teeth of Chaos have formed at the site of the Rift.

The Age of Mortals (5th age DragonLance)

Krynn's Fifth Age begins with the dawn after the Battle of the Rift, when a new red star appears in the sky-as though to show that mankind is not alone, after all. Dates are referenced by Saer Cataclian reckoning, meaning after the Second Cataclysm.

1 SC: The Last Heroes' Tomb

The many races of Krynn band together to construct the Last Heroes' Tomb: a structure of black and white marble containing the bodies of the Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis that died in the final battle with chaos. Over the doorway to the crypt is a hoopak, to commemorate the death of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, who fell after wounding Chaos with Rabbitslayer. The Council of the Last Heroes cedes some lands of eastern Ansalon to the Knights of Takhisis.

1 SC: Palanthas is Attacked

A robed figure destroys the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas. The contents of the Great Library disappear.

2 SC: The Coming of Great Dragons

The red dragon Malystyrx arrives at the Misty Isle on Ansalon's eastern shores. The isle is devastated by the dragon, but people choose to ignore the rumors of huge dragons from Taladas, beyond the Courrain Ocean crazy.

2 SC: Riverwind's Last Quest

Riverwind and his two daughters travel to the Misty Isle to discover the truth about Malystyrx. Riverwind sends kender west to warn the Knights of Solamnia.

3 SC: The Kender Flight

Malystyrx comes upon Kendermore and lays waste to the entire area around the Bay of Balifor. Riverwind leads a kender army against the dragon, but he and his daughter Brightdawn are slain. Moonsong, his oldest daughter, leads the kender to lands farther west.

3 SC: The Herald Appears

A new bard who has no memories of his own -- only memories of Krynn -- appears.

4 SC: The Dragon Purge Begins

Malystyrx uses an unknown ritual to absorb the spirits of dragons upon Ansalon, becoming stronger after claiming each victim. Other dragons learn the rituals and begin amassing power as well. The good metallic dragons disappear to the Dragon Isles. Malystyrx's ravaged domain becomes known as the Desolation, while the dragon Khellendros the Blue or 'Skie' (of War of the Lance fame) takes the Vingaard Mountains and Palanthas. This area becomes known as the Blue Waste.

4 SC: The Knights' Accord

The remaining Knights of Takhisis rebuild their order in Neraka.

4 SC: The Legion of Steel

Sara Dunstan, adopted mother of Steel Brightblade, founds an order of knights for her son. The principle of the order is neutral justice, and the idea is so popular that every major city contains at least a cell of the Legion of Steel.

5 SC: Goldmoon's Epiphany

Goldmoon journeys to the Inn of the Last home. On the way a Sage tells her to look inside her heart for healing power. Upon reaching Solace, a battle of the Dragon Purge erupts over the inn, destroying it. A Neidar priest is injured, and Goldmoon calls upon the healing in her heart to make him whole again. The dwarf is healed. The Sage disappears.

6 SC: Dark Knights Expand

The Knights spread outward from Neraka. Sanction manages to remain sovereign. The Knights still hold some influence in Qualinesti through Gilthas, Speaker of the Suns. Draconians in the mountains near Neraka move north and found the city of Teyr.

6 SC: The Black Dragon Arrives

Onysablet the Black defeats other dragons, capturing the eastern New Sea and turning New Coast and Blödehelm into a swamp.

7 SC: The Power of the Heart

The Sage leads Goldmoon in developing the power of the heart. Rumors of the mystic magic spread through the land.

7 SC: Palin Leads the White Robes

As head of the White Robes, Palin and the other heads of the Orders disagree over the Conclave's new role in a world without magic. Mages begin to abandon the Art.

8 SC: The Citadel of Light

On the Isle of Schallsea, Goldmoon and Jasper, the Neidar, found a mystic order devoted to healing.

8 SC: A New Red

Pyrothraxus, another red dragon, captures Mount Nevermind.

9 SC: Solamnic Knights' Council

Lord Gunthar dies. A new Grand Master, Liam Erhling, is appointed. He presents the Knights of Solamnia with Gunthar's revised Measure.

11 SC: The Purge Continues

Green dragons battle over the land of Qualinesti, though the elves manage to keep control of the land. Silvanesti is surrounded by a magical shield, keeping both humans and dragons out of the enchanted wood.

11 SC: The Inn Is Rebuilt

Caramon and Tika Majere rebuild the Inn of the Last Home.

12 SC: An Unwelcome Frost

Gellidus the White captures Southern Ergoth, causing the elves there to flee to Cristyne and humans to Sancrist. The island becomes a glacier, causing horrific storms in the Straights of Ergoth and Algoni. This stretch of water is renamed "the Gale."

13 SC: Belladonna Leads Hylo

Billee Juniper, veteran of the Kender Flight, changes her name and claims rulership of the kender of Hylo.

14 SC: Stenndunuus and Iyesta

A blue dragon (Thunder) and a brass (Splendor) carve out two realms in the eastern portion of the Plains of Dust.

15 SC: The Vision Returns

The Vision returns to the Knights of Takhisis. It tells them that the Dark Queen will return and to be ready.

15 SC: Death of Sara Dunstan

Sara Dunstan dies.

16 SC: Northern Dragons

A red called Fenalysten takes a portion of the Estwilde and Throtl, while a green, Lorrinar takes the northeastern forest and a black, Mohrlex, takes southern Nordmaar.

17 SC: Polar Dragons

Cryonisis and Frisindia capture Icewall.

18 SC: The Desolation

By order of Solamnic High Command, people explore the Desolation.

20 SC: Shadow Sorcerer

A mysterious figure emerges from the Desolation with magical powers.

22 SC: Elf Disappearances

Qualinesti elves begin disappearing, but the attempts to hunt the green dragon presumed to be responsible have failed.

24 SC: Sorcery in Chaos

Members of the Orders of Sorcery battle for power. Palin Majere, Master of the Conclave decides something must be done.

25 SC: Qualinesti Bows to the Green

Beryllinthranox takes Qualinesti without a fight by demonstrating her ability to steal the elves' life force. The dragon forces elves to search for the Tower of Wayreth. Disappearances continue, and Porthios and Ahlana Starbreeze vow to place their son Silvanoshei (Hope of Silvanos) on the throne of a united nation.

28 SC: The Last Conclave

Palin, the Shadow Sorcerer and the Master of the Tower at Wayreth meet to discuss the state of magic. The Shadow Sorcerer demonstrates the new magic: magic from within Krynn itself. It is felt rather than memorized, and the mage must shape it to his will. Palin declares that this meeting constitutes the Last Conclave, and dissolves the Orders of High Sorcery.

29 SC: Thorbardin Sealed

Beryllinthranox attempts to conquer Thorbardin; she fails because of frost-wights as well as the fact that the dwarves seal Thorbardin off from the world. Those dwarves opposed to that decision, follow the Daewar leader Severus Stonehand, to the Khalkist mountains to reclaim the kingdom of Thoradin from the Zhakar dwarves. Neidar dwarves flee to Abanasinia.

29 SC: A New Magical Order

Palin Majere founds the Academy of Sorcery near Solace.

30 SC: Dragon Purge Ends

Malystyrx finalizes the borders of the Dragon Realms and bars other dragons from conquering lands.

30 SC: Thoradin Reborn

The dwarves under Stonehand retake Zhakar and using mysticism cures the mold plague of the dwarves. Any Zhakar who do not swear fealty to him are exiled.

31 SC: The Present

The future has yet to be written.

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