Clerics of Krynn are said to be members of the Holy Orders of the Stars and have only just recently, following the War of the Lance and return of the "old" gods to Krynn, begun to become prolific on Ansalon. Each cleric possesses a Medallion of Faith, the holy symbol of their patron deity, and often procure these medallions in a unique manner. The cleric's power to cast spells is granted by their deity, and clerics are required to observe all holy days sacred to their god/goddess.
The Temple Of The Gods

Gods Of Evil:

Takhisis, Queen of Darkness (40th/40th Level Female Cleric/Wizard, Lawful Evil)

(Primary Goddess of Evil)

Symbol: Black crescent

Color: Black

Influence over: Night, evil dragons, hatred

Constellation: A five-headed dragon

Not even fools or children speak the name Takhisis lightly. Her name summons darkness, destruction, and death. Swathed in shadow and hatred, she desires only the domination and destruction of Krynn and its folk.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Combat*, Creation*, Divination*, Guardian, Healing*, Necromantic*, Protection, Summoning.

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Nuitari, Devouring Dark (40th Level Male Wizard, Lawful-Evil)

Symbol: A black circle or sphere

Color: Black

Influence over: Black magic

Constellation: no star formation - The black moon, Nuitari, whose waxing and waning influences the powers of Black-robed mages. Only astrologers, navigators, black-robed magic users, and others who watch the heavens are aware of Nuitari's existence, for the moon is only detected when it blots out the light of stars.

Nuitari is the god of black magic. He is the son of Takhisis and Sargonnas. His symbol, the moon Nuitari, cannot be detected unless it eclipses other stats and moons or it can be seen by people of evil intent. (ahem, how'd you get here?) Nuitari founded the Black Robes, perhaps Krynn's most secret and coveted Order. The Black Robes are perhaps the powerfullest order, but black magic comes at a price; though it grants its users incredible power, it also slowly takes control over them. Nuitari observes in wry amusement as those who try to master his art are overcome by its dark power.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic*, Protection*, Weather*

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Sargonnas, Dark Vengeance (30th Level Male Cleric, Lawful Evil)

Symbol: A stylized red condor, also a red fist (Thorbardin, Istar)

Colors: Red, black

Influence over: Deserts, volcanoes, vengeance, destructive fire

Constellation: A condor

Little is known of Takhisis's consort. Perhaps the Queen of Darkness casts intentional shadows on him. Thereby Takhisis keeps him obscure, little worshipped, and non-threatning. Or perhaps Sargonnas himself has wrought the obscurity. He is the brooding, sometimes explosive god of vengeance, rage, deserts, and volcanoes. Sargonnas embodies the destructive passion of fire. His greatest ally, Takhisis, is also his greatest enemy, and he routinely plots both for and against his Queen.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Creation, Protection*, Summoning, Sun.

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Morgion, Black Wind (37th Level Male Druid, Neutral Evil)

Symbol: A hood with two red eyes, also an upside-down axe (Thorbardin) or a rat's claw (Highlo)

Influence over: Disease, decay, plague

Constellation: A crowned, hooded head, with two red eyes

Morgion, god of disease and decay, refuses the company of the other gods and does not discuss plans with them. Alone Morgion broods in a bronze tower at the edge of the Abyss, keeping thoughts secret from all but loyal minions. Those unfortunate to encounter this reclusive god see a rotting humanoid corpse--neither male nor female--topped with a goat's head. Secrecy is Morgion's way, with distrust that rivals Sargonnas's.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Divination, Healing, Necromantic*, Plant.

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Chemosh, Lord of Death (29th/29th Level Male Cleric/Wizard, Lawful Evil)

Symbol: A yellow skull

Colors: Black, sickly yellow

Influence over: All undead

Constellation: A skull

In the Age of Dreams, Chemosh, lord of undead, was drawn by Takhisis to Krynn. She needed a lieutenant to marshal the legions of death. As lord of false redemption, Chemosh offers "eternal life": recipients spend immortality in an undead and eternally corrupted body. Chemosh rarely explains this when making a pact with Evil undead. Before they can reconsider, they find themselves to be minions of Chemosh.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Combat, Healing*, Necromantic, Plant.

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Zeboim, Darkling Sea (30th/30th Level Female Druid/Cleric, Chaotic Evil)

Symbol: A turtle-shell pattern

Colors: Green, red

Influence over: The sea, undead sea creatures

Constellation: A sea-turtle

Zeboim the Sea Queen is the impetuous and volatile daughter of Takhisis and Sargonnas. Her unpredictable tempers make her a dangerous foe and a lethal friend. As creator of the sea, tempests, and weather, Zeboim receives petitions and sacrifices from seamen wishing good weather and safe journey. Though some manage to avoid her rage, others who displease her through some real or imagined slight never see harbor again.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal, Creation, Elemental, Protection*, Sun, Weather.

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Hiddukel, Prince of Lies (25th/25th Level Male Cleric/Wizard, Chaotic Evil)

Symbol: Broken merchant's scales

Colors: Red, bone white

Influence over: Demons, damned souls, ill-gotten wealth

Constellation: Broken scales

Hiddukel, god of ill-gotten wealth and deals, is patron god of Evil businessmen and dishonest merchants. A cunning deal-maker, Hiddukel trades in living souls. Some say Hiddukel can even barter with Takhisis and come out ahead.

Spheres of Influence: All, Divination*, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection*, Summoning.

Spheres marked with * are minor access spheres.

Gods of Neutrality:

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Gilean, Void (40th/40th Level Male Cleric/Wizard, Neutral)

(Primary God of Neutrality)

Symbol: An open book

Color: Gray

Influence over: Knowledge

Constellation: An open book

Gilean, patriarch of the Neutral gods, guards the book of all knowledge and true names--the Tobril. His constellation keeps those of Paladine and Takhisis in check, guarding the night sky and the balance between Good and Evil.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal*, Astral, Charm*, Combat*, Creation, Divination, Healing, Protection, Sun*.

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Sirrion, Flowing Flame (35th/35th Level Male Fighter/Cleric, Neutral)

Symbol: Multi-colored fire

Colors: Bright reds, yellows

Influence over: Flame

Constellation: no star formation - A glowing yellow-red star, located near the constellation of Majere

Sirrion, god of creative flame and natural power, sculpts fire into beautiful forms. He controls every flame, from the blazing sun to the low-burning wick, channeling and filtering the feral power into useful forms. But Sirrion is by no means tame: he sometimes sparks forest fires to clear old and rotten trees and allow young forests to grow; he also burns children who play with a candle flame, teaching them to respect fire. And though he desires to make fire useful, he wishes even more to make it beautiful.

Spheres of Influence: All, Combat, Elemental, Guardian, Healing, Summoning, Sun.

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Reorx, Forge (37th/37th Level Male Fighter/Cleric, Neutral)

Symbol: Forging Hammer, Dwarven Hammer (Thorbardin)

Colors: Slate gray, red

Influence over: Dwarves, weapons, technology

Constellation: no star formation - A glowing red star, located near the constellation of Sargonnas

The dwarves of Ansalon consider Reorx--god of manufacture, technology, and metallurgy--to be the greatest of gods. Although humans see Reorx as the rotund helper of Kiri-Jolith, dwarves and gnomes depict him as a powerful dwarf with arms well-muscled from smithing.

Spheres of Influence: All, Combat, Creation, Elemental, Guardian, Healing*, Protection, Summoning, Sun*.

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Chislev, the Beast (34th Level Female Druid, Neutral)

Symbol: The feather

Colors: Brown, yellow, and green

Influence over: Nature

Constellation: no star formation - a glowing yellow star, located near the constellation of Mishakal, and near the star of Zivilyn

Chislev is nature incarnate. According to legend, the seasons change with the moods of her heart: her fear brings the fall, her despair the winter, her gope the springtime, and her joy the summer. As well as the worship of mortals, Chislev receives the praise of every beast of the field; every blade of grass turns toward her as toward the sun. She is served by the master spirits of each creature of Krynn, who animates wooden statues of their kind.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal, Charm*, Combat*, Elemental, Guardian*, Healing, Plant, Sun, Weather.

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Zivilyn, Tree of Life (35th/35th Level Male Cleric/Monk, Neutral)

Symbol: A great green or gold tree, sometimes a vallenwood

Colors: Green, gold

Influence over: Wisdom

Constellation: no star formation - a glowing gold star, located near the constellation of Mishakal, and near the star of Chislev

Zivilyn, god of all wisdom, is the celestial Tree of Life. His branches and roots extend into all times and places. Much as Gilean holds the knowledge of the universe, Zivilyn holds its wisdom. He acts not according to the dictates of his mind, but according to those of his heart.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Divination, Necromantic, Plant.

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Shinare, Winged Victory (25th/25th Level Female Cleric/Fighter, Neutral)

Symbol: The griffon's wing

Colors: Gold, silver, brown

Influence over: Money, wealth

Constellation: no star formation - A glowing silver star near the constellations of Habbakuk and Branchala

Shinare--goddess of wealth, industry, and commerce--has many dwarven worshippers, for they appreciate her love of wealth and industry. She also finds many followers among merchants, mercenaries, and profit-minded adventurers of other races. And all folk consider her the champion of freedom and self-destiny.

Spheres of Influence: All, Charm, Combat*, Creation, Guardian, Protection, Sun*.

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Lunitari, Veiled Maiden (40th Level Female Wizard, Neutral)

Symbol: Red circle or sphere

Color: Red

Influence over: Neutral magic, illusionist magic

Constellation: no star formation - the red moon Lunitari, whose waxing and waning influences the powers of red-robed mages

Lunitari, goddess of Neutral magic and illusions, was born of Gilean and an unknown mother (some suggest she sprang full-grown from her father's thoughts). She founded the wizardly Order of the Red Robes to promote Neutral magic. Most of Krynn's mages embrace her order because it allows them to practice magic without the moral shackles.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Charm*, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Summoning*.

Spheres marked with * are minor access spheres.

The God's of Good:

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Paladine, the Dragon's Lord (40th/40th Level Male Cleric/Wizard, Lawful Good)

(Primary God of Good)

Symbol: The silver triangle, the pine tree (Silvanesti) or anvil (Thorbardin)

Colors: Silver, White

Influence over: Rulership and Guardianship

Constellation: the Platinum Dragon

Paladine is the Father of Good and the Master of Law. He speaks for the gods of Good, leading them not by restriction but by example and encouragement. Paladine upholds the laws of Good, assisting the righteous and abjuring the evil.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Charm, Combat*, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Sun.

There is a LOT of information available about Paladine so I created a page solely about him. I highly recommend visiting it has anything you could ever want to know about Paladine, the most powerful of all gods. Click here for more info on Paladine

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Mishakal, Healing Hand (25th Level Female Cleric, Lawful Good)

Symbol: Blue infinity sign

Color: Sky blue

Influence over: Healing, knowledge, fertility

Constellation: Infinity symbol

Among most Good people of Krynn, Mishakal is worshipped as the "Healer." In pre-Cataclysm days, she was the most revered of the ministering gods, with many temples that taught the art of healing. Nearly every community in Ansalon had a priest of Mishakal to tend to the populace's health and, in pre-Chaos War days, the clergy of Mishakal worked to renew this custom.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Charm, Creation, Divination, Guardian*, Healing, Necromantic, Sun.

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Majere, Master of Mind (35th Level Male Monk, Neutral Good)

Symbol: Copper Spider, also a single rose (Qualinesti, Silvanesti), and the Mantis (Solamnia)

Influence over: Meditation, control, and thought

Constellation: A rose

Majere, Master of Mind (Intermediate god) Majere is the god of organization, industry, and control, as well as meditation, faith, and dreams. Majere creates and inspires the martial arts and all disciplines that lead to an honest confrontation of oneself. Majere's worshippers seek simple lives, devoid of luxurious trappings but filled with meditation, self-discipline, and deep thought.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal*, Astral, Charm, Divination, Summoning, Sun*.

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Kiri-Jolith, Sword of Justice (29th/29th Level Male Fighter/Cleric, Lawful Good)

Symbol: Bison's Horns, horned battle-axe (Thorbardin, Kharolis)

Colors: Brown, White

Influence over: Honorable War and Battle

Constellation: A bison's head

Kiri-Jolith is the god of glory, honor, obedience, justice, and righteous warfare. Paladins and fighters who embrace Good revere Kiri-Jolith. His constellation threatens the Queen of Darkness's in the night sky.

Spheres of Influence: All, Charm*, Combat, Divination*, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Sun*.

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Habbakuk, Fisher King (27th Level Male Druid, Neutral Good)

Symbol: Blue bird, blue phoenix (Ergoth)

Colors: Deep blue, white

Influence over: All animal life and the sea

Constellation: A phoenix

Habbakuk created and rules all creatures of land and sea. Rangers and sailors especially revere him. He made the creatures in his likeness, and he is as feral and merciless as they. Still, in the furious cycle of predator and prey, there resides a natural harmony that also embodies Habbakuk. He is thus as fierce as a lion when dealing with Evil and as innocent as a doe when dealing with Good.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal, Creation, Divination, Elemental, Healing*, Weather*.

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Branchala, Song of Life (35th/35th Level Male Fighter/Bard, Neutral Good)

Symbol: Bard's harp, flute (Goodlund, Qualinesti, Silvanesti)

Colors: Yellow, Green

Influence over: Elves, kender, forests, music

Constellation: A harp

The Bard King Branchala is god of music. A companion of Habbakuk since the beginning of time, Branchala imbued Krynn's first creatures with the lyric and untamed melody of his immortal soul.

Spheres of Influence: All, Animal*, Charm*, Creation, Healing, Plant, Weather.

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Solinari, Mighty Hand (40th Level Male Wizard, Lawful Good)

Symbol: White circle or sphere

Colors: White, silver

Influence over: Good magic

Constellation: no star formation - The white moon, Solinari, whose waxing and waning influences the powers of White-robed mages.

Solinari, third son of Paladine and Mishakal, is god of Good magic. Solinari loves Krynn deeply and has granted his Good magic to guard the land. He established the Order of the White Robes to administer Good magic.

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Protection*, Sun*.

Spheres marked with * are minor access spheres.

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