The Continent of Taladas

The continent of Taladas was devastated by the Cataclysm as was Ansalon, though not to the same extent. Taladas experienced a single tremor, which left the eastern third of the continent uninhabitable. Of the remaining land available, most civilization is concentrated in Southern Hosk. Taladas is located north and east of Ansalon.

Southern Hosk is the most populous region. Divided into three main regions, the land is in constant turmoil.

The Thenol army controls most of the southern part of this region. To augment their ranks, the priests of Hith (Hiddukel), god of Bargains, have raised the dead and incorporated them into their army.

the League of Minotaurs
This group of able warriors and politicians controls the northern portion of this region. The minotaurs have managed to subjugate many other races in the region, including humans, dwarves, elves and some kender. The minotaur serve Sargonnas as do their Ansalonian counterparts.

The Armach Kingdom is an elven kingdom. Originally Silvanesti mariners who were blown off course, they reached Taladas, discovered a large portion of Southern Hosk which was forest land, and adopted it as their home. They established a kingdom much like the Silvanesti one they left behind. The Armach elves do not know what happened to their Ansalonian cousins, but have decided to remain in Taladas.

Minor Powers
Many other smaller nations are also part of Southern Hosk. The Hulderfolk live a forest much like Wayreth forest: the wood magically changes shape.

The Bakali, or dragonmen, are one of the 'lost races' of Ansalon. Here on Taladas, they live in the swampy regions of Blackwater Glade. This land, which borders Thenol, is seen as useless, and therefore has remained the uncontested domain of the Bakali.

Marak Kender live in the valleys of the same name. This land has also remained unconquered, mostly because of the fact that like their Ansalonian counterparts, no rational being wants to deal with trying to keep kender in line.

Other inhabitants of the Steam Mountains are the Fianawar Dwarves and the Dragon Knights. These dwarves are a dour race, living outside the mountains because of their fear of the underground. The Dragon Knights are also known as the Knights of the Othlorx. They live in small villages, in league with the neutral dragons who live in the high peaks. These people may have become knights and have bonded with a dragon, much like the Dragon Highlords did with their mounts.

Northern Host is inhabited mainly by the following races: the Uigan, the Elven Clans, the Alan-Atu and the Ilquar goblins. These races are mainly nomadic, and are known to war amongst themselves on a regular basis.

The peoples of the Shining Land live in a barren ice desert. These plains are plagued by fairly regular storms, which are very much like the magic spell Ice Storm. People here navigate with the use of glass ships, and generally live within mountains to protect themselves from the elements.

The Payan Mako are a community of simple folk who live off the land and the sea. They are a sea-going nation, and fish the waters near their homes. These people are peaceful, though they defend their homes against the ravages of the shark men and demon men (hobgoblins) if they are threatened.

The Cha'asii elves live in the forest land of Neron. The thick forest is perfect for these elves: they remain secluded from the rest of the continent, and they use a unique form of nature magic.

The Rainward Isles are perhaps the most blessed isles on all of Krynn -- following the Cataclysm, humans, kender and dwarves banded together to protect each other from the ravages of their newly changed land. The Ring Mountains are home to the Abaqua (ogres), a primitive and brutish race. However, unlike their southern Ansalonian brothers, they are capable of compassion.

Most dangerous, perhaps, are the gnomes of the Burning Sea. Unlike Ansalonian gnomes, it seems that some of their inventions actually work -- and are quite effective weapons. The two factions, the gnomoi and the minoi (the gnomoi actually invent things which work) work together, and have built a fleet of ships to travel on the lava of Hitehkel, the Burning Sea. The gnomes live in huge towers.

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