Anwar arrested like a hero says wife (in Bahasa Melayu )

       Sun 20 Sep 98 - 17:37 GMT

       KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 (AFP) - Anwar Ibrahim's wife said Monday the deposed Malaysian deputy premier
       had been arrested like "a hero" but expressed concern about his supporters' reaction.

       Wan Azizah Wan Ismail went with her husband to the main Kuala Lumpur police headquarters after his detention late
       Sunday. She said later that she and Anwar's lawyers were refused access to him.

       Back at the family home, Wan Azizah told thousands of supporters waiting outside: "I'm glad my husband was
       arrested as a hero."

       She told how she and her family were taken with Anwar by police in a van but they were split up. Wan Azizah and
       several lawyers followed in another vehicle to the federal police headquarters but were not allowed to meet him there.

       Wan Azizah later expressed concern to reporters about the possible reaction of Anwar supporters.

       "I am very concerned because there is a lot of anger for the years where the law was manipulated and abused by
       those in power, so I have to calm them down.

       "The masses are highly charged. I told them now we have to channel it into something productive."

       Anwar, 51, was detained after days of mounting political tension as he stepped up calls for Mahathir to step down.
       Police are investigating allegations ranging from treason to sexual misconduct.

       He has denied the accusations but the raid followed a mass rally by around 40,000 supporters in central Kuala
       Lumpur and clashes outside the prime minister's residence.

       "We were having the press conference and suddenly there were police officers," she told reporters about the raid by
       dozens of officers who broke down the door of the family home.

       "I was scared of course for my husband and others too. They had machine guns. I wish they had told us. We had
       already given an assurance that Anwar would go peacefully."

       Anwar's wife also had a message for British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook who is accompanying Queen Elizabeth II
       on a state visit.

       "Mr foreign secretary, I believe you know and care for justice, and I hope you will have a word with her majesty and
       have some influence since you are part of the Commonwealth.

       "I think the queen is head of the Commonwealth. We in the Commonwealth should have justice, freedom of speech
       and personal dignity and basic rights which now have been denied."