The Clorox Test

How To Take The Smell From Clorox

When healers treat people with their hands, some have the feeling of warmth, some coolness, and some feel other sensations that may lead to a complete healing or to healing in some degree.

But what if a healer treats the substance per say, clorox, how will it be effected? Three things happen:

  1. The smell is taken a way.
  2. It burns small cuts less if it comes in contact with skin.
  3. It is less toxic.

All healers that do a form of laying of the hands should be able to take the smell from clorox. But other non healers can do it too by doing a few forms of hand/energy building chakras exercises. I will give you a series of them that will activate the hand chakras.

First wash your hands, then clap them together hard about ten times, then roughly rub both hands together. Then in sequence rub the right and left thumb into the center of the opposite hand, do it hard. Then like taffy, let both hands be faced, then pull hands (fingers should be a part) a part and push together a series of times. Last, for most this is correct, let each hand be faced, then take right and rotate around the left hand in a clock wise rotation, this builds energy in the body, for some, they have to do the opposite, rotate left hand around the right hand in the clock wise rotation. If one happens to build up too much energy in the hands, do the same thing but rotate the hands in a counter clock wise rotation.

After the exercises are done, you are now ready to treat clorox for five minutes to see if you have taken the smell away. It is best to have two batches on hand, treat one batch, and not the other. This will give you a way of comparing the difference. And do note: I and others that have energy at all times coming from the hands, it is hard for us to do this experiment because once we touch or handle a bottle of clorox, the smell is taken a way.

But for those healers, reiki, prana, therapeutic touch, and massagers, that would like to do this experiment, it is important that you do your own technique to initiate the energy to emit from your hands.

If you are able to past the clorox test, these are some of the things you are now able to do:

  1. Treat your foods, medicines and products to neutralize the additives, preservatives and toxins in them. One must by intent, have in mind that those things be neutralized, treat/dowse with the right hand till the pendulum or rod stops moving, or til the sensations in the right hand stop. BUT NOTE! Treating some pain killers will neutralize their pain killing effect.
  2. Establishing what your body will recognize as an acid, alkaline and toxin. You will need baking soda, vinegar and clorox. By dowsing (hold pendulum or rod in right hand over the item and observe it swing) each item, you will get three different readings. But first, you should make sure your body polarity is correct. To do this you need only to touch finger tips of both hands together a few times.

    Now the reading for baking soda is counter clock wise spin (it is an alkaline), vinegar is a clock wise spin (it is an acid) and clorox, for me is a straight up and down bobbin (rod) or swinging (pendulum) as it is a toxin. These three products/items will establish to you what your body will consider an alkaline, acid and toxin. Only MSG or swine has been found thus far to have a bi-polar reading, that is the east and west side of a product/item reading is different.

    NOTE! Clorox is always a toxin, but note it is good to at first compare the readings you get on foods before and after you treat them as they should be different. And by dowsing your saliva and urine, you will be able to tell if you have an alkali or acidic build up in your body. It is said that acidic leads to bad health and alkali to good health.

  3. Get seeds to sprout faster by treating them and plants to grow faster. Even treat the water for your plants.
  4. Treat your music (CDs and cassettes) so that while playing, the vibration of the music is different but in a more positive way.
  5. Fix your car and appliance, this depends upon the problem that determines if this will work. This works more for the battery and spark plug related problems. However, I, at one time, stopped my car from leaking oil. This was after a mechanic tried to fix it and then told me a week later that to fix it for sure would cost me over six hundred dollars. I figured I had nothing to lose by treating it by my hand so I did and it has yet to leak. For an appliance the same applies upon the source of the problem. For cars and appliances in the case of loose or disconnected wire this treatment will not work.
  6. Books should not be treated, as an ex Mahikari member, I learned the hard way that by doing so for me, I kept falling asleep. This may vary from person to person.
  7. See link page on how to do phone healing. (Coming Soon)
  8. See link page on how to do self healing. (Coming Soon)
  9. See link page on Food Programming

Posted by Harry Chambers. The above information is correct as to the best of my knowledge. For additional information or questions, please email Harry Chambers. Or to get more in depth information you should get the late Wayne Cook book "Universal Truths". There are also three video tapes on dowsing, food testing and healing. You may also want to do a search (Yahoo) on Cook's Diode.

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