Reiki Degrees

The Usui System of Natural Healing has three degrees

First Degree:

In this degree, four attunements are given to each student. This attunements activate and align important superior energy centers in the body, allowing in this way an increase of healing energy to be channeled. They works on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), but fundamentally on the physical and emotional ones. In this degree, students are instructed to work with this energy, are taught how to do a self-treatment and how to treat others, practice different exercises to familiarize themselves with energy and how to treat animals and plants.
This is a two days seminar, five hours each day.
You will receive the technique and instruction to work with it. The practice, the developement and experience begins.
It all depends on your self-discipline.
If you learn Reiki...use it !.
A minimum of two months of practice are required before youŽll be able to take the second degree. .

Second Degree:

In this degree, students are receiving an additional attunement which allows the use of techniques given in this level and also instruction on how to perform absentee healing which will allow them to work on far away subjets (no matter the distance)
It deeply works on the emotional and mental bodies. The energy flow is higher than the one experienced in the first degree.

Third Degree: Master/Teacher level

This level is only recommended to students who want to teach this method to others.
It is required to have been practicing levels I and II for at least one full year, working on themselves and others and experienced healing in all bodies.
Reiki III it is NOT a weekend seminar. It’s a personal training that takes about a year; a personal relationship between the Master and the student. The respect to the original technique and to the Master is "conditio sine qua non" to take the mastership.

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