What is Reiki

The word Reiki, (pronounced ray-key). Rei means Universal, transcendental spirit, soul. Ki means the life force energy, the meaning is the same as Chi or Qi of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The same meaning for the word is Mana in Hawaiian, or Prana in India. All the ancient cultures had a Life Energy Force that they recognized. Combined, these characters represent the concept of the "Universal Life Force Energy", which flows in every living thing (humans, animals and plants).
We all are born with this energy, but "life", the stress that we accumulate, our "problems", take us to loose our energy equilibrium. Reiki when activated and applied, accelerates the purpose of healing by addressing the body, mind and spirit. The body’s ability to heal physical ailments increases. Reiki also opens the mind to the necessity for taking responsibility for one’s life; to the joys of balance and to wholeness. The Usui System of Natural Healing is an art which uses Reiki in these ways. Reiki is a healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of a person who has been more directly linked to the Universal Life Force through an initiation or attunement. The person giving the energy is simply a channel allowing the energy to pass through them to another living thing. Reiki is drawn through the channel. For example, if you lay your hands on a person to do a treatment, they will draw appropriate amounts of energy to whichever areas of their body need its. You are never drained in the process, as you too are treated as you give treatment. The energy enters at the crown chakra and passes through your arms and hands to their body. The mind of the Reiki channel should remain neutral. Reiki brings the body into balance so it can heal itself and the person who receives Reiki is simply made better physically, mentally and spiritually; Each is brought closer to Wholeness. This self-help technique does not require any system of belief or thought to be activated and can be easly incorporated as a self-help method to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Reiki is transmited by "attunements" or "activations" or "initiations", it can´t be learned from a book. These attunements can only be transferred by a Maester who has been trained in the traditional method, which means with the original techniques, training and lots of experience in this practice. In these days, different new methods with lots of modifications and "new rediscovered stuff" are using the word Reiki. In this way we are in danger of loosing the true essence. Search for a true Reiki Master.
By following the steps taught by a trained Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher, anyone is able to direct the energy of Reiki to meet individual needs. After the attunement, simply by placing your hands on yourself or someone else, the energy starts flowing through. It fills you first and then flows out through your hands into who is receiving the healing. Traditional Reiki has
three Degrees.

Reiki is a vehicle of love

Jorge Magri

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