Caribbean and Latin American Emergency Management Agencies and Associations

This list is under construction. It was last updated on 3 April 2000.

Agency and Association Links

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
(A) contacts for 16 member states, situation report archive for major disasters, community disaster awards, disaster management action plan, model shelter management policy
Jamaica Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
(A) matrix of responsibilities for 21 response functions, catalog of disaster events, interesting fact sheet on disaster phases and stages , responsibilities at all levels, equipment rental program
Barbados Central Emergency Relief Organization
(B) list of staff, overview of organizational and committee structure, summary of activities last updated in 1998
Saint Lucia Office of Disaster Preparedness
(A-) summary information on National Emergency Management Organization and emergency operations centers, text of National Emergency Management Plan, summary list of disasters
Montserrat Disaster Preparedness
(A-) list of volcanic shelters, location, and number of residents - believed to be historic site
Centro Estatal de Emergencias de Campeche
(C) report of a seismic investigation - last updated in 1997, most of site is unreachable
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Links on this page are checked at least quarterly. However, I have found that even governmental links change frequently. If you locate an address for an agency that does not have one, or if you find an error, please e-mail the correct information to the contact address below.

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