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Integrated Emergency Management BENCHMARK is a site designed to assist students of emergency management in research in the discipline. BENCHMARK is posted and maintained by Dr. Walter G. Green III of the University of Richmond. All sites are checked at least quarterly to ensure that URLs are still functional. Comments on the value of this site and suggested additions are welcomed and should be addressed to the contact address at the bottom of the page.


Integrated Emergency Management BENCHMARK supports academic integrity. This site does not knowingly link to any site that infringes the copyright of any author in print or electronic media. This site does not knowingly link to any site that plagarizes the work of other authors, on the Internet, in print, or in manuscript. If you believe that any site to which this site is linked violates either of these standards, please provide particulars to the contact address below.


Not all sites associated with emergency management are included in this site's links. Sites included in BENCHMARK are selected based on the following criteria (note that all interpretations of criteria are the site manager's alone although I welcome input from users):

(1) Credibility of the site. This does not necessarily mean that information on the site is accurate or truthful. Some sites are selected even though they are clearly not truthful; in these cases sites are selected because they are good examples of a particular viewpoint or value set.

(2) Currency and accuracy. Some sites selected are not current, but will be retained as long as the link survives for their possible historical value. Sites which purport to be accurate, but clearly have errors, as opposed to differences of interpretation of reality, have been excluded to the greatest extent possible.

(3) Depth, breadth, and uniqueness of information. In general, sites rich in information original to the site have been preferred.

(4) Research value. Sites are generally selected based on their possible contribution to research in the discipline.

Sites are assessed in the commentary line beneath the site title as a guide to selecting the most productive sources. These gradings do not imply anything about the value of the site to others or to the originating organization or individual; they are intended as a guide only within the context of this research tool. The assessment scale used is as follows:

A - a site that is particularly rich in material of possible value for academic research.

B - a site of average research value or which is of excellent quality but the material is largely peripheral to the field of emergency management.

C - a site with supporting information or which does contribute to general understanding of the range of uses of the Internet in emergency management.

M - a site which consists primarily of large collections of links.

X - a site which exists but is under construction.

Within the A, B, and C assessments, plus and minus are used to distinguish higher or lesser levels of applicability to the focus of this site.


All sites listed are reevaluated at least every six months for content, and those marked as under construction are visited more frequently to ensure they are appropriately assessed.


This site is under construction. Date of last update is 9 April 2000.

Reference and Academic Sites

Emergency Management Related Bibliography
FEMA Higher Education Project maintained bibliography
Library Holdings
electronic card catalogs of emergency management library collections
Publication Indexes
lists of publications and articles on emergency management topics
Hazard Sites
operational and research sites related to specific hazards
Rho Epsilon Mu
emergency management academic honor society

Operational Agency Sites

US State Emergency Management Agencies
links to state emergency management agencies with web sites
US State Emergency Management Associations
links to state emergency management professional associations with web sites
US Federal Agencies with emergency response roles
links to Federal agency web sites
US National Emergency Management Related Associations
links to professional associations and voluntary organizations with emergency management interests and disaster response roles
International Emergency Management Agencies and Associations
links to international, regional, inter-governmental, and other country emergency management sources
US Local and Regional Organizations
links to local emergency management agencies and associations
Canadian Emergency Preparedness Organizations
links to Canadian national and provincial emergency measures organizations
Caribbean and Latin American Emergency Management Agencies and Associations
links to national and regional emergency management organizations in the Caribbean and in Latin America
Voluntary Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations
links to international and national voluntary and non-governmental organizations with significant disaster roles
Emergency Operations Centers
links to sites describing the functions, facilities, and capabilities of emergency operations centers and mobile command posts
Emergency Operations Plans and Procedures
links to complete or summary texts of jurisdictional and organizational emergency operations plans and of disaster standard operating procedures
Business Continuity Planning
links to sites of business continuity organizations and to source material related to business continuity

Electronic Journals

Electronic Journal of Emergency Management
journal published by faculty and students of the University of Richmond