Introduction to Emergency Services Management Schedule

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About The Schedule:

This schedule is a guide to completing the course. Topics and key assignments are posted for each week. You may complete the assigned reading and submit your answers to discussion questions to the listserve at any time during the week. Because the listserve distributes your answers to everyone, we will have a much better corporate discussion of the topic if you stay on track with the rest of the class. Specific assignments for submission to the professor should be e-mailed no later than Sunday evening of the week.

This schedule is preliminary. It may be revised from time to time based on current events or the need to address an issue in more detail. If the schedule is changed you will be advised by e-mail, and this page will be updated.

Course Schedule:

Week of 23 August -- Introduction to the course -- Individual introductions and expectations -- Analytical tools for study of the emergency services

Week of 30 August -- The emergency services as a profession -- Defining a profession -- Professional values

Week of 6 September -- History of the emergency services: fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency management, business continuity, voluntary agencies

Saturday 11 September: 0900-1430 Jepson Hall Room 107 -- SWOT studies due -- Analyzing systems: how have we gotten where we are and where is that -- The major project, topics, methods, and packaging -- Your questions and concerns

Week of 13 September -- Mission, values, vision -- Organizational structure

Week of 20 September -- Evolution of management theory -- Understanding organizational behavior

Week of 27 September -- Issues in managing emergency services organizations -- Customer service -- The place of volunteers in the emergency services

Week of 4 October -- Managing emergency operations

Week of 11 October -- The governmental and political arena

Week of 18 October -- Mitigation and public education -- FEMA Independent Sudy Course IS-1 end of course test answers due

Week of 25 October -- Personnel issues -- Recruitment, retention, and career paths

Week of 1 November -- Facilities and equipment

Week of 8 November -- Money, an enabler and the base of your strategy, or the root of all evil?

Week of 15 November -- Legal and ethical concerns for managers -- Laws, regulations, and standards

Week of 22 November -- Public relations and the media -- Crisis communications

Week of 29 November -- The future -- Strategic planning

Saturday December 4: 0900-1430 Jepson Hall Room 107 -- Presentation of major projects -- Integrated emergency exercise -- Course critique

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