News from Riens Northwest

November 2, 1997

Hi all,

To those who have chosen to visit our web page . . . welcome and we are glad you did! I am in charge of writing an occasional newsletter on the happenings in the Rien household. If we could get all of our family and friends to visit our site just once a month, there would be no question as to what we are up to!

With the start of November, the holiday season is in the back of our minds. Summer, (my niece in Florida) turns one this month. Thanksgiving will be at my mom and dad’s in Hood River, despite the remodeling their kitchen. We have promised them, Tom and I are old hands at roasting a turkey on the BBQ. No, bird you would ever taste.

We are currently celebrating the arrival of the newest Rien, Brooke Lee Cayson, born October 28, 1997. Her proud parents, Wendy and Brian Cayson, and her brother Andrew are tickled pink at the prospects of a baby girl. Her Grandma Judie was especially excited about her newest granddaughter.

We have recently discovered the ‘net’ . . . so, if you think you can get ahold of us these days via phone...guess again. Best to send us an Email. Tom and Luke are in the midst of packing for their elk hunting trip. This is the first year Luke will go. I, on the other hand, will not be going. I will be working and enjoying the quiet.

We are looking forward to hearing from everyone . . . when we get better looking, we will be posting our photos on the web page. Actually, we are waiting for our pictures from our trip to Canada to see if there are any good ones.



P.S. We'd love to hear news from your part of the world. Please drop us a line.

Some photos:

Luke Rien. Summer 1997

These are the best durn shootin’ hounds in our backyard. (Summer 1997)
Rien’s Miss Molly B’Golly -- German Shorthaired Pointer, whelped 11/14/89.
Rien’s Abby Cadabra -- German Wirehaired Pointer, whelped 11/12/89