The name RIEN is unusual in the U.S. If you are visiting this site because your surname is Rien there is a large probability that we are related. I have never met or even communicated with a Rien I am not related to. If you share this name, why not send me a note?

My relatives are from Western Minnesota and originally from central Germany. I have other relatives living in New York and in Oregon.

Yes I know the name means "nothing" in French. Very amusing.


It makes us so happy! You are visitor number since November 1, 1997. (11/8/97 -- 47 of 50 visitors were me. TR)

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Family Tree 1: Descendents of Christian Rien (1840)
Family Tree 2: Descendents of Emil Rien (1884) and Emma Sellin
Family Tree 3: Forebearers of Emma Sellin
Loney Family Tree: Tom's Maternal Line
Orr Family Tree: Leanne's Maternal Line