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Ancestors of Emma (SELLIN) RIEN

  1. Johannes PAULY
    married to Elizabeth GRUEN/GRUEHN on 1/12/1785 in Idesheim, Eifel (Trier), Rheinland
    married to Children:
    1. Regina Eleonora PAULY/PAULI, born Mar 3, 1794 Ideshiem, Trier, Rhineland,
      married to Wilhelm Friedrich SELLIN in 1816, Massow, Pomern, Prussia
      Emigrated with 7 of 8 Children from Stettin to New York in 1873 on the Humboldt
      1. Paul 'Albert' Ferdinand SELLIN, born 1823, died 4/10/1883
        married in Massow, Prussia, in 1856 to Caroline Albertine Henrietta ZAHL, born 2/9/1829, died 4/1897
      2. Emil Carl Albert SELLIN married
        married to Anna Marie MOVIUS
        1. Lillie Emma Amanda SELLIN, born 11/4/18__, died 4/21/1955 (buried at Ortonville, Minnesota)
          married to Herman Gottlieb RIEN, born 10/12/1876, died 10/14/1962
        2. Emma SELLIN (buried at Yellowbank Cemetery, Odessa, Minnesota)
          married to Emil Christian RIEN, born 1/2/1884, died 2/18/1920 (burried at Yellowbank Cemetery, Odessa, Minnesota)
        3. more
      3. Johannes SELLIN married GERBER
      4. Helene Clara SELLIN married Wilhelm MUELLER
      5. Martha SELLIN married August MUELLER
      6. Maria (Mary) SELLIN (uncertain of birth order)
        married to Martin GESS
        3 or 4 Children
      7. Paul Conrad Gotthard SELLIN born 1869 in Massow, died 1934 of peritonitis
        married in 1892 to Emilie (Amelia?) GESS, died 1964
        8 Children

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