Massive, gentle giants, the Newfoundland dog makes a wonderful companion! I used to have some of these marvelous dogs and was privileged to raise a few litters of puppies. These dogs are AWESOME!!! People think Newfs look a lot like bears. I used to go trail riding in the big horn mountains with my dogs. You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when they saw me riding up the path with my "bears" along! As well as being great "family" members, Newfs are used in search and rescue, (they are amazing water rescue dogs!) and as therapy dogs!
   The newfoundland and the labrador retriever are "sister" breeds. Both originated on the island of Newfoundland. (duh)  They were used as draft animals, and to swim out into the ocean and pull in fishing nets. The larger dogs became known as newfoundlands. The newf was further developed when they were imported to England, where they were crossed with other massive breeds such as the great Pyrenees.
   Americas own Chesapeake bay retriever can be traced back to two newfs rescued from a shipwreck and crossed with local chesapeake bay area dogs.
Newfoundlands come in black, bronze, grey, and black and white spotted, known as Landseer. They have webbed feet, handy for swimming! Newfs drool, they drool a LOT! But thats a small price to pay!

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Before you decide that the Newf is the breed for you, please, PLEASE research the breed carefully before you run out and get one. As with most giant breeds, there are health concerns to be aware of. As with all breeds, giant breeds especially, you must choose a breeder who's dogs have been OFA hip certified. Hearts, elbows, etc. should also be checked. Ask around, find someone who has a newf and talk to them. Ask breeders for references from people who have gotten pups from them. 


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