Rosie O'Dogell, Trampus, and Twister, Our Cairn terriers.

updated Sept 6th, 1999

Small bundles of mischievous energy. Comical in their anticts. Sweet in their nature. Always entertaining...they make me smile... Trampus is our cuddley one, always ready for some lovin. Rosies favorite game is attacking the spray from a squirt gun. Rob and Rosie can play that game all night. unfortunatly when they are done, both Rosie and the house are wet!

    Twister is our special case. Abused for most of her life, she is sweet and starved for attention. Tragically, she was kept in a wire floored cage for years until being rescued by a kind hearted terrier lover. And even though housebreaking seems to be beyond her, we count ourselves as lucky having her in our family.

The breed was developed in the scottish highlands and the Isle of Skye. They hunted the varmits in the rock cairns, thus their name. They are wonderful companions and require little grooming. Cairn terriers shed very little, so little that it is claimed that they dont shed at all. I find that by brushing them once or twice a week I dont find any loose hairs around the house. You can leave them in their natural "shaggy" good looks, or you can "strip" or clip them for a neater appearance.

Rosie and Trampus

I thought she would never quit yakin! Hi there! Thought maybe we would tell you a little about life from OUR point of view!! We are Cairn terriers, one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Cairns were the basis for both the scottish terrier and the west highland white terrier. It is a well known fact passed down from generation to generation from our Cairn forfathers that ONLY THE BEST were kept in the cairn gene pool!

We live in the country, in Wyoming to be exact! It is beautiful here, and there are lots of critters to chase around! Our adopted Mom and Dad are pretty cool. They buy us toys and food, but most important, they play with us and give us the lovin that we, as Cairns, deserve,(and demand) We like to race around the house sometimes and play dogpile on whoever the best target is.....prefurably someone in bed asleep! There is no thrill quit like the one you get when you dive right into a sleeping human! The effect is even better if you have been playing in the snow JUST before you wake them up! You should try it, Humans LOVE it!!

Below is a picture of us, Rosie and Trampus, play fighting. Mom calls it gotta love her. Mom likes to play with our pictures......because I dont remember ever dancing on clouds. Of course we are angels.........Well thats it for now...but I will write more later!!

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