Rosie O'Dogell and Trampus Tell it like THEY see it!

APRIL 24, 1998..... Hi there! Guess what! We are now the proud parents of 5 beautiful babbies! They are absolutely beautiful! 3 Girls and 2 Boys. Mother and puppies are doing fine! Rosie is a wonderful mother, and I am a proud papa! *TRAMPUS*

May 3, 1998.....Well it finally happened, Trampus, big macho dad that he is, dug under the fence and went out into the road...YUP! You guessed he has a broken leg. The Vet had to put two pins in it but we are thankful that he is still with us! *ROSIE*

May 13....We are all doing fine. Trampus is healing well and the pups are growing like weeds!! They are just the cutest little babies! But it isnt easy with a sick hubby and 5 kids! Its a good thing I am a grey brindle...because it makes the grey hair they are giving me look ok! *ROSIE*

MAY 28.....Well, I went to the vet today and he pulled out the pins in my leg. I sure didnt want to go in to the office but now I feel so much better! I can run around just like before. I will try real hard not to dig under the fence again, but there are so many interesting things out there that I know I should be supervising over! *TRAMPUS*

MAY 30....Here are the latest pictures of the Kids! The time is flying by, they are already 5 weeks old! Now dont you agree that they are the cutest darn pups you ever saw?

July 10...Well the kids are all gone now...and I am pleased to say that they have all gone to wonderful homes! The house is much more quiet now......but I am feeling GREAT!! I feel like a puppy again myself. The kids all said they would send pictures to us, I certainly hope they do!

Gee we have had a great summer! We all went camping in the beautiful Big Horn Mountains! Oh how we loved it there! So many new smells! We tried to cantch one of those rascally chipmunks but no luck!

Here are some pictures of the darkest puppy in the baby pictures. Her name is Brindle and she lives with her new Mommy, Colleen. As you can see Brindle is very happy!! Way to go girls!!

Hi There! Here is Brindle at 6 months... did I ever mention that Cairns like to change colors? LOL!

Here are some pictures of "Halle Docious", as in super calle fragilistic espiali Docious! She lives with her wonderful family here in Big Wonderful Wyoming!
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