MBT3K - Mystery Blockbuster Theater 3000
What's this page all about? Well it's about MStings of Hollywood films, that's what! Basically this page is full of links to such MStings. If you have one, then email me its URL and I'll put it up. Before I get to the links, let me tell you how to write a film MSting:
1. Get a script through one of these 2 pages: http://www.script-o-rama.comhttp://www.dailyscript.com
2. Visit this page on how to write a MSting: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nebula/8085/mst/write.htm.
3. Try reading other film MStings before doing your own, here, or go to http://www.masemware.com/mst3k/mistings.shtml.
4. Try to put a clever pop reference. Read some pop references from MST3K here:  http://users.itsnet.com/~masse/mst3k.html.
Here are the MStings:
Star Wars movies
Star Wars
(original draft)
(final draft) 12345678
Phantom Menace
1st Version
2nd Version 123
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Power Rangers - The Movie
1st Version 1234
2nd Version
Fifth Element
Batman movies
Batman and Robin
1st Version
2nd Version 12345678910
Batman Forever
Godzilla (part of the Big Budget Doomsday Double)
Lost in Space (part of the Big Budget Doomsday Double)
After all these MStings, you just might want to MST something like Rugrats. If so then head down to my Rugrats MSting pages. I have one for the movie, and one for the series. If not then you can straight back to my main page.