"Animal Abuse"
After Reading What's Been Found Ask Yourself If This Is Normal.

This Candle Burns For All Mistreated and Abused Animals

You won't see any cute and funny pictures here, for this is not a happy page. It's about the horror and great abuse being suffered by innocent, trusting, defenseless little animals. Animals that somehow, through no fault of their own, wind up in the hands of evil, loathsome, monsters. These things are called monsters because to call them human is to disgrace what a human really is. To call them human would be too good a name for them.

I don't consider myself an Animal Activist. I'm just one woman who was disgusted with the brutal cruelty of innocent creatures. With my voice I must speak out for those that have no voice. With my great love for all animals, especially cats, I was so unaware of the violent cruelty being directed toward these poor little things until just recently when I came across a horrifying article. This made me look more carefully to what else is happening to our dear little friends. Search for yourself and just see what you find out ther. You'll be shocked at what you'll learn.

Some may say that my heart must be located behind my eyes because I cry so easily over these things, but what's next I ask you? Our children? Our family members? Our friends? That is what these kinds of acts lead to. My heart breaks at the injustice of it all. When I look into the sweet trusting faces of my two cats, I can only shake my head and wonder why and how anyone could even consider harming them. This page is being made with many tears shed in the hope that more and more people will read what I have read and and use their voices as well. We must speak out for all animals!


Should These Things Happen? It Could Be Your Pet Next.
It will break your heart to read. It did mine, but you need to know.

Read what happened to this dear little dog

This is far from normal behavior

The cruelty continues

Read what type of monsters are out there

Tragedy struck for this beautiful animal
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A Senseless Act of Violence
Sept. 1997 Two boys in Florida ages 11 and 12 took this little helpless poodle and hung him from a tree. They tortured him by cutting his legs off with a weed eater. In court, their parents asked for them to be released back home into their custody. They told the judge, "they were just being boys".

They thought they had safety...

The story of dear little Olivia tore me apart. She looks so much like my Smokey. She was once a lively, loving, beautiful little cat. Kids didn't do this! Please read what happened.
Don't let her death go unpunished!

Don't let this sad story be your next tragedy

Read the "Profile of a Serial Killer" Here...

These things shouldn't happen!

Arizona Grooming Shop Break-In
Torture & Murder

A Dear Sweet Kitten Named Cindy
Cindy was just a kitten, approximately 4 or 5 months old, whowas set on fire. It happened on a main street of Syracuse, NY on Wednesday, February 4th, 1998. A young man on a bicycle found her on fire. He placed the kitten in a snowbank, and used his coat to extinguish the flames. Cindy suffered skin burns on much of her body, and lost most of her fur. Cindy died from her injuries and went to the Bridge on Feb 9th, 1998.
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Did You Look Into The Faces In THe Photos Above?
Now I'll Ask You,"Is What Happened To Them Normal Behavior"?
I For One Don't Think So


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