This is the Home of My 2 Wonderful
Adopted Cyber Cats,
"Miss. Priss and  "Scooter"



This here is Miss. Priss. She's a very gentle and good natured cat. She's the type who doesn't like to have one piece of fur out of place, and only likes to be snuggled. She's always washing and grooming herself, and was getting a little lonely, so I got her a brother to keep her company and share her home on this webpage.


So now I introduce 
Scooter to you. He on the other hand, isall boy! He loves to play and is always trying to wrestle with Miss Priss, who always gets annoyed with him and gives him a good swat with her paw. For the most part though, they enjoy each others company and love having company visit them.

Miss. Priss and Scooter were adopted from Pets-4-You Adoption Agency. You can adopt your own dog or cat there and give them a good home of their own on the web. You can also visit the store there to get things which will keep them healthy and happy. To get a cyberpet of your own, just click on the sign below.

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This here is where Miss Priss and Scooter live. Missy (as I've started calling Miss. Priss) chose the top part of the condo, to Scooters' delight! Unfortunately she lets her tail hang down while she's sleeping, which Scooter takes the opportunity to play with. I think secretly she does this on purpose to bait Scooter, then the end result is a wrestle session. They never hurt each other though.

   catchow.gif    scootdis.gif
These are their food dishes. I needed to get separate dishes as Missy didn't like to share her food with Scooter. I can't say as I blame her. Scooter is all boy, and a very messy one at that. When he's finished eating there's food all over the page. Whereas Missy is very tidy.


Every cat needs a scratch post including these two! Missy likes to keep her claws nice and sharp, just in case Scooter won't leave her alone when she tells him to.Besides, Scooter loves to climb the tree more, so that's good. No arguing there!

catnipbo.gifNow I think the reason why Scooter is so playful may be my fault. You see, I got this really great catnip at the Pets-4-You store that they love! It just makes Missy curl up into a ball and have a nap, purring loudly. On the other hand, after Scooter eats some he goes on a tear around the webpage, attacking everything that moves! You guessed it. Including Missy's tail again, but she can handle it.


Which is why I also picked up thesetoys, while at the store. Missy loves to play with the yarn, while Scooter who likes noise, prefers the ball which has a bell in it, and the mouse that squeaks. They both play with all three toys though. It keeps them quite busy.


Here's their brush and comb for grooming. They just love to be petted, groomed, and played with.

        shield.gif  litterbo.gif    Lastly but definitely not least, what every cat home cannot be without. The litterbox! Of course Missy likes to have her privacy, so I got her this pretty screen to use.

             scoop.gif            catlitteWe can't have them living with litter droppings all over their page. Too messy (and smelly) *grin*! So, I clean their boxes on a regular basis.


This carrying case is just in case they have to go somewhere, like when it's time for their checkup with the vet or get sick, or to visit people.

Well you've come to the end of my kitty page and I really do hope that you enjoyed your visit. I'm sure that Miss Priss and Scooter enjoyed having the company and I hope they behaved themselves. If you can give a cyberpet a good home, take a visit to Pets-4-You. They have a really nice family friendly site. Thanks for stopping by and drop in any time!


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