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Hi everyone, it's me again! Ya can't tell on me about this game page cause I'll get in trouble with mom and Shadow. Just because it doesn't match the rest of the site, but it's just too cool! I kind of had to sneak it on when no one was looking.
I wanted to show you the games I like to play myself and I put them right here on my OWN page. I play them when it's my turn to use the computer. Try them out and I'll bet you'll have fun playing them too! They'll be sure to drive you crazy like me..


Kitty Concentration2 - This is memory game for all you cat lovers. Match the kitty cards.

Bridges -  Create a red line which goes from the one side of the board to the other before the computer completes a blue line from the top to the bottom. I did it, can you?

Tailgunner - The coolest java yet but play this game with extreme caution! Can be very habit-forming!! Target the enemy ships before they get behind and target you!

Puzzle -  Hey check this out! It's a jigsaw puzzle of "Yours Truely" It's Me!

Seek-A-Word -  See if you can find all the words that have to do with us cats.

Falling Stars - Your task is to shoot as many falling stars to survive.

UFO - The alien space-ships are coming! Stop them with missles before they land!

Lines Game - Move the colored balls around and place them in rows of five of the same color. If you can do this, the balls will be removed and you will earn points.

Regular Concentration - The classic game to see how good your memory is.

Sleeper - Can you put everyone to sleep? It's fun trying and see what happens when they do.

Tile Puzzle - Look at the picture of my cousin Olivia, scramble it up and see if you can put her back together.

Galaxy - A simple little game where you must pilot a small sphere and roam around space touching flashing yellow blinkers.

IQ - My mom remembers this one when she was young. It's so fun! Try to leave as few marbles as you can.

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