It all started after Galaxia had been defeated. The Dark Masters, inhabitants of Dimension Noir, decide to take over Earth and get rid of the Sailor Scouts. Meanwhile, Serena's school had received five new male students. Could this be a strange coincidence?

2-3-01 It's been a VERY long time since I've updated due to work. Not much, just an addition to the YKYWTMSMW page. I'm also urging people to shop at the Warner Bros. Store. Those asswipes at AOL are closing them so they can send us more of those crappy disks. So I urge you all to patronize the store, (Write to them at ) and say NO to AOL!

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Serena & Nick's Files: Good guys, bad guys. Serena and Nick decide to take a break from comics and introduce you to the SMMH cast.
Amy & Kevin's Library: All 13 Episodes.
Raye & AJ's YKYWTMSMW.....: You know you watch too much Sailor Moon/You Know You like the Backstreet Boys when...., compiled by Raye & AJ.
Lita & Brian's FAQ: Now that they finished making out, the first couple of SMMH answer questions about the author, the story, and Area 51. (Just kidding)
Mina & Howie's Reviews: Mina, Howie and sometimes a suprise guest will review movies, TV, CDs, Mangas and other cool stuff.

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