Officers of
The 11th Regiment,
Maine Volunteer Infantry

Harris Merrill Plaisted
Colonel, 11th Regt. Maine Volunteer Infantry
Brevet Brig. Gen. U.S.V. February 21, 1865
Brevet Maj. Gen. U.S.V. March 13, 1865
Maine State Representative (1867-1868)
Maine Attorney-General (1873-75)
Member of the US Congress (1875-1877)
Governor of Maine (1880-82)
Editor of "The New Age"(1883-91)

11th Regiment, Maine Volunteer Infantry,
Officers List (Incomplete):
Adams, Henry C.Major
Andrews, W.H.H. 1st Lieutenant & Q.M.
Baldwin, Charles P. Lieutenant Colonel
Barker, Willard Sgt. Major
Bean, S.B. 1st Lieutenant Co. A
Brannen, William 1st Lieutenant Co.I
Caldwell, John CurtisColonel
Clark, A. 1st Lieutenant Co. F
Clark, Thomas Captain Co. F
Cook, R.L. Asst. Surgeon
Folsom, Melville M. 1st Lieutenant Co. K
Foster, Charles H. 1st Lieutenant Co. K
Frye, Samuel Quartermaster Sgt.
Fuller, Charles 2nd Lieutenant
Hill, Jonathan Augustus Colonel
Lane, Samuel W. Lieutenant
Lawrence, Luther Captain Co. H
Merrill, Simeon Captain Co. I
Mudgett, Albert Captain Co. D
Nickels, Edgar Captain Co. C
Newcomb, Lemuel A. Captain Co. K
Noyes, George B. Hospital Steward
Perkins, Ellery D. Captain Co. K
Peters, Waldena F. Principal Musician
Plaisted, H. M.Colonel
Ricker, Joseph G.Commissary Sgt.
Robinson, Ivory Joy 1st Lieutentant & Q.M.
Royal, Woodman W. Asst. Surgeon
Sabine, F.W. Captain
Scott, Robert H. 1st Lieutenant Co. K
Sellmer, Charles Lieutenant Co.D
Sewall, S.G. Captain Co. F
Thompson, J.M. Lieutenant
Wilbur, G.A. Surgeon
Wiswell, Frank W. Captain

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