Julie Martin's Family Chart

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MARTIN 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation 9th Generation
ANCESTOR: Rene Martin Robert Martin Barnabe Martin Rene Martin Jean-Baptiste Martin Francois Martin (I) Francois Martin (II) Francois Martin (III) Julie Martin
dates: b.~1575
d. ~1606-1664
d. ~1639-1699
1636-1686 b. ~1670-1671
d. 1752
b. ~1703-1704
d. 1806
1744-1818 ? ? ?
Spouse: Etiennette Poirier Marguerite Landry Jeanne Pelletret Marie Meunier Marie Brun Marie-Euphrosine Guerret Scholastique Levasseur Marie-Luce Cyr Eusebe Michaud
dates: b.~1559-1582
d. ~1604-1670
d. ~1639-1705
b. 1643
d. ~1674--1737
b. ~1657-1680
d. ~1709-1769
1710-1777 1753-? ? ? 1830-1905
Residence: St. Germain de Bourgueil, Anjou, France St. Germain de Bourgueil, Anjou, France Port Royal, Acadie
(Nova Scotia)
Port Royal, Acadie Port Royal, Acadie Kamouraska, Quebec & Madawaska, NB St. Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick St. Basile, Madawaska, New Brunswick Eagle Lake, Maine
Children: Robert Barnabe Marie Joseph Marie-Josephe Francois Francois Julie Christie (from Julie's first marriage?)
Pierre Rene Charles Charles Joseph Jean-Baptiste Damase Eloi
Madeleine Pierre Marguerite- Osite Alexandre Regis Febrenie
Jeanne Rene Luce Ludivine Henri
Etienne Marie Jean-Baptiste Michel George
Cecile Jean-Baptiste Joseph Chrysostome Caroline
Ambroise Armand Euphrosine Josephine
Paul Francois Charlemagne Thomas Z.
Madeleine Basile Jean-Baptiste Julie
Michel Pierre Andre Suzanne
Brigitte Felicite Charles
Simon Thecle
COMMENTS: Rene died in Port Lajoie, Prince Edward Island - Probably in exile. * Eusebe also married Flavie Martin, and possible a third time as well.

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