Michaud Place Names in the New World

1-A Michaud Farm Lumber Camp set up by
Joseph "J.T." Michaud
(One-Eye Joe).
Location: Allagash River, Aroostook Co., Maine Lat. 46 57 N,
Long. 069 11 W
1-B Michaud Island Captain Romain Michaud
(Note: This is not the Romain(e) Michaud from this website)
Location: St. John River, Aroostook Co., Maine Lat. 47 17 N,
Long. 068 23 W
1-C Michaud Hill Damas/Thomas Michaud,
Joe "J.T." Michaud's father
Location: Soldier Pond, Aroostook Co., Maine Lat. 47 08 N,
Long. 068 37 W
Also in Maine:
Michaud Camp Square Lake West
Michaud Siding
(from Labbe Michaud Post Office)
Ft. Kent South
Michaud Mill Deboullie Pond
Buggy Brook
(for Edward "Buggy" Michaud)
Wallagrass Township
Factory Brook
(for Michael Michaud's starch factory)
St. Agatha Township
Farm Brook (for Michaud Farm) Allagash River
Labbe Michaud Post Office Michaud Siding, Aroostook County
Another Michaud Farm Part of the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, Lewiston
1-D Point Michaud unknown
Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Lat. 45 34 N,
Long. 060 40 W
2-A Michaudville unknown
Location: Quebec, Canada Lat. 45 50 N,
Long. 073 50 W
2-B Pierre Michaud Memorial Bridge Pierre Michaud
First Michaud in the New World
Location: Rt. 135, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada Lat. 47 50 N,
Long. 069 85 W
2-C Michaud Park J. Adélard Michaud
Location: Drummondville, Quebec, Canada Lat. 45 85 N,
Long. 072 48 W

Also in Quebec:

64 lakes, rivers, and streams named Michaud

3 Michaud Lake
Location: Schoolcraft Co., Michigan Lat. 45 54 N,
Long. 086 27 W
4 Michaud Lake
Location: Cass Co., Minnesota Lat. 46 57 N,
Long. 093 53 W
5 Butte Michaud
Location: Griggs Co., North Dakota Lat. 47 35 N,
Long. 098 08 W
6 Michaud, Michaud Creek, Michaud Flats NAMED FOR:
Michaud La Claire, a scout and fur trader for the Hudson Bay Company in the 1840s.
Location: Power Co., Idaho Lat. 42 53 N,
Long. 112 36 W

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