Sublett Family Chart

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1st Generation
2nd Generation 3rd Generation
4th Generation
5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 2nd Marriage
ANCESTOR: Abraham Soblet Pierre Louis Soblet Pierre (Peter) Soblet Peter Sublett
Thomas Smith Sublett Phillip Branch Sublett * Frank Lackland Sublett * --
dates: 1648-1718 1686-1754 1712-1783 1747-1812 1788-1844 1831-? 1870-1950 --
SPOUSE: Susanne Brian Marte Martaine Elizabeth ? Martha Smith Sarah Lackland Ida C. Scott Emily W. Inness * Nannie Patterson Smith
dates: 1652-1714 1688-1755 1726-? 1759-1835 1800-1837 ? 1874-1936 ?
Residence: Sedan, France Virginia Powhatan, Virginia Powhatan, Virginia Powhatan, Virginia Powhatan, Virginia Staunton, Virginia Staunton, Virginia
Children: Pierre Pierre Peter Elizabeth Phillip Sumter B. Sarah Dorothy Judith Eleanor
Jacques William William Mary Magdalen William Henry Edward Scott
Anne Abraham John Peter James S. William Thomas
Abraham Mary Elizabeth Benjamin Thomas * Judith A. Frank Lackland
Robert Louis Phillip William * David Lackland
Jean Jacques Elizabeth Martha
Benjamin Mary Judith
NOTES: * Abraham and his family, as French Protestants, were forced to flee to Germany, then Holland, and then England before coming to Jamestown, VA in 1690. * Thomas and William married sisters - Sarah and Mary Lackland. * Phillip was a private in the Richmond Battalion of the Confederate Army during the Civil War, primarily in defense of the City of Richmond. * Frank and Emily divorced shortly after Dorothy's birth. Emily remarried to E.P. Bertholf.

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