None of this would have been possible without the help of my friends and the support of my parents!!

For more information on the whole Halloween setup, please read this page.

One short note: The graveyard is a lot like a stage which I provide for my friends. I establish guidelines for them to work within on Halloween night, and it takes off from there, without too high a degree of direction or intervention from myself. There is a great deal of scene planning beforehand, but, on Halloween night, it never seems to go quite as expected. Not that it's a bad thing. It's just what people want to do and what works for them, and the overall impact of the cemetery is always quite good. It's my friends' creativity and effort which makes the whole thing work out in the end.

Also, what you see on this web page's guided tour is not necessarily what would have occurred on Halloween night, although I tried to make it as close as possible. As the night progressed, people's scenes and placement within the graveyard kept changing, so there is no one "true" Shady Hollow Cemetery setup. When making this web page, I worked largely from the video and tried to fit thhe video's story line in with the still images that I had on film. Various things on this site's guided tour definitely are out of place and wouldn't fit with the cemetery setup in real life. But that doesn't matter. This site is intended to entertain, not to provide a 100 per cent accurate picture of what happened, although it is very, very close. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the guided tour and rest of this site, even though it may not be true to life.

Now, on with the rest of the credits.


I'd like to specifically thank:

My Mom: Thanks for putting up with the whole celebration and helping out whenever you could!

My Dad: Thanks for your help with the last minute preparations and controlling the flow of trick-or-treaters at the entrance!

Robby: You had the best costume by far!  Tell your sister thanks for lending me the blacklight!
Andy: You were the best actor on Halloween. Awsome job with the lab table setup!
Justin: Your craziness boosted morale! Great acting!
Drew: Thanks for attending!
Dasha:  Thanks for your help and attending!
Michael and Kirill S: Thanks for your help with the setup and lab!
Bernie: Thanks for your help during setup and brininging food!
Lisa: Thanks for your help!
Hope: Cool chain mail/mid-evil costume!
Phillip: Thanks for driving up from Georgia every year for this celebration!
Nick: Thanks for helping!  Tell you brother thanks for letting me use his strobe light!
Steven: Thanks for getting the whole thing on audio tape!
Kirk: Thanks for your help with setup and the lab!
Kerry: Cool costume, good job acting!
Michael: You did a good job of organizing everyone on the night of! Thanks for being the main guide!
Brian: Thanks for the filming!  

Now, I'm sure I'm forgetting someone here who helped out... I'm typing this too quickly. :)

For everyone else, a HUGE thanks goes out to you for your help!!!