Halloween - The College Years

    | Halloween 2001

Shady Hollow Cemetery 2000

| Guided Tour
    | Image Gallery - Graveyard 1
    | Image Gallery - Graveyard 2
    | Image Gallery - People
    | Image Gallery - The Lab
    | Image Gallery - The Setup, Parties

| Video Clip

Shady Hollow Cemetery 1999

| Guided Tour

    | Image Gallery  - Graveyard  1
    | Image Gallery  - Graveyard  2
    | Image Gallery  - People 1
    | Image Gallery  - People 2
    Behind the Scenes
      | Credits
      | Retrospective
      | Behind the scenes 
      | Image Gallery  - Setup/Party


  | Cemetery Design
    | Tombstone Construction
    | Tombstone Pictures
    | Stone Patterns and Aging
   | Gates and Fences

  | Jacob's Ladder
  | Glowing Pickle
  | Bob Popper Ghoul

Shady Hollow Cemetery 1998
| Guided Tour

| Photo Gallery - The People
| Photo Gallery - The Cemetery
| Photo Gallery - The Cemetery 2
| Photo Gallery - The Lab
| Behind the scenes
| Sounds
Shady Hollow Cemetery 1997
    | 1997 Halloween Web Page

Rainforest Sites
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   | Year of the Cheap Duct Tape!!


Welcome to Shady Hollow.  

The purpose of this page is to take you on a guided tour of my Halloween 
yard display, to provide information about building props, and to link you
to other Halloween-related pages.

A huge thanks goes out to all of my friends!  Without all of their 
help and support, none of this would have been possible!

UPDATE: 9/17/02
Halloween - The College Years has been added. I no longer have a house 
to haunt, but pictures from Halloweens at college will be posted here. Also 
added was a section on building tombstones as well as pictures of real
grave markers to help the home haunter in designing their own.
UPDATE: 8/9/01

The Halloween 2000 pictures and a guided tour have been added to the site! 

UPDATE: 11/6/00

A segment of the Halloween 2000 video is up on the web! Click here to see it!
You will need Real Player in order to view the video. 
Photographs and more video will be added sometime in December.

UPDATE: 9/31/00

After being gone for a coupe of months, the Halloween 1999 Retrospective 
has been re-edited and placed back on this web site.

UPDATE: 8/8/00

Save rainforest land for free! For more information  Click here!
Although this is not Halloween-related, it's  something I feel strongly 
about. Go to the pages.  Save some of the rainforest for very little effort.

UPDATE:  8/4/00

The pictures of Halloween 1999 are up on the web for all to see.
There has been a noticeable delay from Halloween to the time these
pictures were actually posted.  The reason for this is that I haven't
been thinking about Halloween as much this year as normal, seeing
as Halloween 2000 will be the last of it's kind. Ever. (Or, at least 
it'll be the last, discounting Halloween parties, until I'm done
with college and sufficiently settled wherever I may be living.
Then the terror starts again in the new neighborhood.  :)

Now, with that said, get on with browsing the rest of the page!












Save rainforest land for free.



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