Photo Gallery - Setup and Party

<previous gallery] [home] Andy and Lindsay in the makeup room. Ashton and Lindsay One of the pictures decorating the diningroom wall for Halloween. Justin found this on IRC and sent it to me a couple of years ago. Mmmm... yummy! Also very good. Too bad the light here didn't allow a smaller aperture and larger depth of field... Licorice gumdrops . Graveyard setup. My interview for a local TV station. Justin with the rubber snake. "FEAR ME!!" Justin, acting drunk. Brian Michael. (Insert the song Kung Fu Fighting in the background, and the rest explains itself. :)
 Setup of the plastic wall. The laws of physics, plus the bickering over the ideal method of stringing the uppermost plastic wall made it very amusing to watch from a distance...
Robby working on his costume. More graveyard setup Andy dancing after Halloween Phillip <previous gallery] [home]